International transfer from Czech Rep. to UK

(Jan Tomas) #1

Hello, my mum want to send me money from Czech Account but we are unable to do it so because I can not find Iban number anywhere. Can you tell me what should I do?


It is not possible by SEPA direct to Monzo.

Try Azimo service or similar like Transferwise

(Herp Derp) #3

Use old bank account then transfer over to Monzo


That is assuming they have an old bank account.


Try Transferwise

What’s in it for you: A free money transfer
What’s in for me: I’m not sure?


Apart from the Travel cards they do you may find WeSwap do transfers I am not sure

(Alex) #7

Try Revolut Will give you an IBAN and U.K. account number instantly if I remember right.

You do everything from within the app.


They are not looking to replace Monzo with another account that happens to have an IBAN but looking for a way to send funds into their Monzo account (so TransferWise etc seem to meet their needs better)

(Jakub Koudela) #9

Would PayPal do the trick?