International transfer from Czech Rep. to UK

Hello, my mum want to send me money from Czech Account but we are unable to do it so because I can not find Iban number anywhere. Can you tell me what should I do?

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It is not possible by SEPA direct to Monzo.

Try Azimo service or similar like Transferwise

Use old bank account then transfer over to Monzo

That is assuming they have an old bank account.

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Try Transferwise

What’s in it for you: A free money transfer
What’s in for me: I’m not sure?

Apart from the Travel cards they do you may find WeSwap do transfers I am not sure

Try Revolut Will give you an IBAN and U.K. account number instantly if I remember right.

You do everything from within the app.

They are not looking to replace Monzo with another account that happens to have an IBAN but looking for a way to send funds into their Monzo account (so TransferWise etc seem to meet their needs better)

Would PayPal do the trick?