International transfer fee


I’m new. How many of you agree monzo international transfer is better than high street bank?
I have checked a high street bank about international transfer, it said £22, whereas monzo apps shown £29. It doesn’t look cheap unless it also included receipient bank charge.

Can anyone share their experience? Cheers


Monzo’s international transfers are done via TransferWise.

If you take a look at TW’s homepage: you’ll see a calculator there

As for my experience, I love TransferWise. Very quick, very transparent fees & one of the cheapest out there compared to “normal” banks.


Don’t forget to factor in the exchange rate as well as the fee (or just use the calculator linked in previous post). In my experience, high street banks will have a significantly worse exchange rate as
well as a hefty fee. I have used TransferWise for a while now and they have consistently been much, much better than what my bank offered.