International Payments To Monzo Personal Acc

Hi There, my brother has sent funds to my Monzo account from the US. How long should it take to reflect in my account

A few days, maybe.

Did he send it from a US bank?

If so, it might get returned.

If he used a money transfer service, your brother should have the information.

Depends on how he sent the funds.

@Anarchist Sorry if I am being of topic, but how about from Ghana to Monzo? how much time

As @Ordog said, it depends on how it’s sent.

Monzo doesn’t officially support international transfers, so it could be a few days to never.

If a money transfer service is used, then the provider will give a guide to the length of time.

BTW I don’t work for Monzo, and I’m not an expert in the field of banking or international transfers. :+1:

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@Anarchist thank you mate for your answer

Many thanks! He did and it was a wire transfer the receipt of which I have sent to Monzo

My dreams are shattered. :broken_heart:

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