Interest rate features

Apologies if this is elsewhere, couldn’t see it.

I was checking out what savings rates were available for pots recently and realised the same provider was offering double what I’d been getting. Setting up a new pot and moving the money seemed long winded considering it was the same provider. Looking again today these have changed and a different provider is the superior. I know this will happen a lot but without looking I’d never of known.

My suggestions/ideas are:

  1. A notification of some sort when new rates are available.

  2. An easier way to swap money from product to product.

  3. A pot type that automatically moves your money to make sure it’s earning the best interest.

The 3 ideas could spilt across Free, Plus and Premium account types.

All the rates you offer are with 3rd parties so financially Monzo wouldn’t be out of pocket (This might not be true, I have no idea what your arrangements are).

Sure your partners might be annoyed but times are tough and it would represent Monzo prioritising its customers.


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