Savings Pot Switcher

Just realised there are new types of pots that pay higher interest than the one I have. Would be good to get notified when that happens, and be able to switch in one click.

are they not tied in to a specific time, fixed rate though ? or are you wanting an indication that now your savings period comes to an end this would be a better rate , presumably monzo will notify us in the feed that the fixed term rate has now ended and we would then be able to select the best rate on offer at the time ??

No, I’m just saying the new easy access one you can open with a tenner is paying a higher rate than the one I opened earlier this year, which also had a much higher minimum.


I suspect such a feature may make it difficult for Monzo to get partner banks to participate in the marketplace. If those banks think its likely that a lot of people will switch away from them as soon as another bank comes along with a slightly better rate, they may take a ‘why bother’ attitude to the marketplace.


Possibly true, although it’s not exactly hard now - would just make it slicker