Insurance for phone?


But if you have separate insurance for just your phone, you’ll probably get passed between the insurers for it. My mother had that issue with NationWide and NFU Mutual a few years ago. Because both insurances overlapped when it came to her phone, neither were willing to cover it because the other insurer covers it. It eventually got resolved, and Nationwide paid out, but it was more hassle than it was worth, and the packaged Nationwide account was closed soon after.

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Ok thanks :pray:

Will try out my new case then give it another think. Happily it can be cancelled any time

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If you’re still worried, for when you’re outdoors, it might be possible to add out of home cover to your existing contents insurance policy relatively cheaply. It’s worth enquiring. For an extra £5 per month, all my portable tech (not just my iPhone) is covered out of the home.

Tried that mate. Phoned up my content insurers and they quoted an extra £108 premium until jan 2021 then £100 excess 💁🏽

That’s on top of my current policy

Who on earth are your current insurers??

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Ouch. As @TheAxelr8r, I too would like to know who your contents insurer is, because that’s plain extortion.

Have you claimed on your insurance at all, by any chance?

Not that I would suggest insurance fraud, but if you dropped your phone from the top of the Eiffel Tower and then called them and said it fell out of your pocket on the way down the stairs, how are they going to prove differently?

Never claimed

Company are called A-Plan which has some links to “aviva” going by the paperwork

I only pay £130 per year which is fine for me and it’s a flat £100 excess for everything

Quote my bubble are a little bit cheaper to insure my phone hence why I went for them

Only lived in my property for 1 year

I’d consider changing you’re contents insurance then too. Getting contents insurance and phone insurance in one is pretty common and you can save quite a lot. And you’ve been with them a year so that’s a good time to look if you can get cheaper elsewhere.

I’m gonna recommend Urban Jungle again, especially if you’re a renter, but look at the MoneySaving Expert links above too - that website will always send you in the right direction.


Thanks dude but I only renewed a few months back for the year. £130 ain’t bad for all my possessions

I’m happy to pay protect your bubble for now. Until I test my new case out that is

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You pay £130 a year for contents insurance on a flat?!?!?!?

I pay less than that for building and contents insurance on a whole house for the entire family :scream:

You need to start using comparison websites and not listening to people on the internet. You’re paying way over the odds.


My advocate set it up for me last year dude

I’ve paid the £130 for the year already so I’ll change it then after it’s up

Your saying £12 per month is bad ? Maybe it’s because of where I live ?

The only thing stopping me from cancelling my protect my bubble insurance is all the fuss finding someone reliable to fix the phone if the worst happened

I see Apple do repairs themselves, something to consider

There could be a number of factors specific to you which would explain why Ordog’s rate is different from yours (as there would be a number of factors specific to him that contributed to his rate).

What I would recommend is using the guides on MoneySavingExpert - like this one for Contents Insurance for Tenants - to do your own research when you come to do your insurance next year.

That way even if you’re paying a high price, you can at least be comfortable that you’re picking the insurer where you’ll be paying the lowest high price for the level of cover you need.


Got myself a nice strong case and screen protector.

I’ve decided to keep the bubble insurance for 6 months. As by then the price might depreciate therefore making the insurance more than the value of the phone :+1:t4:

Whatever works for you.

Not sure I’d continue to pay for something that isn’t worth it for 6 months though, but it’s your money!


I dropped my phone earlier (and I think it was subsequently run over). Do you think this is beyond repair? The ‘find my iPhone’ feature still works, and it still seems to charge, and light up when I press the home button… I’m probably being a bit optimistic here!

I think the optimism is to be congratulated :clap:

Realistically, it looks pretty donald-ducked from that image :frowning_face:


The LCD under the glass looks damaged too, so it’s not cheap before you start, then you don’t know if the camera and speaker are gone too , and maybe even the fingerprint sensor.

I would just get a new phone personally.

Depending on the model you can get a screen kit off eBay for ~£20 and if you do fix the screen it’s a good spare device even if the camera and speaker don’t work.

Although I’d be cautious that the battery may be damaged and a fire risk.

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I’ve seen quite a few negative reviews about urban jungle being a nightmare to claim, has anyone had experience with them?