Incorrect APR listed in Flex details page

Issue: In the final page of signing up to flex under ‘Edit your instalments at any time’ the APR is listed as 9.0% APR, whereas previously it’s listed as 19% APR.

Details to reproduce: Sign up to Flex and go to the final page before submitting.
Device: iPhone 11
App Version: 4.31.0


That’s a bit of a worry!

@TheoGibson @AlanDoe


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Can I check what you mean by “previously”?


Right sorry guys, think I worked it out. It’s listed as 19% representative, but once approved the value changes to the actual value you’ve been offered - I assume since no one else has mentioned it anywhere it’s just me being stupid and not a potential improvement haha

Ok - this is what I thought it was - we have to show a “representative APR” which is the price which at least 51% of customers get before we know what your personal APR will be.

If you were to progress through the rest of Flex signup and open a Flex account your APR would be 9%.


Where do you find your apr fir your flex account.

Head to Flex, manage, and then your credit agreement will show it in there :relaxed: