Incoming Splits not Assigning to Custom Categories


Money received from bill splits of payments in custom categories isn’t assigned to the custom category.

E.g. I buy £30 deliveroo, and split £15 with my flatmate. All my deliveroo spend is automatically showing up as my custom category of ‘takeaways’ but the incoming payment ends up assigned back to ‘eating out’.

I then have to recategorise to stop my budgets from being completely off.

Only noticed today as my spend for a couple categories looked way off.

Details to reproduce: bill split from custom category transaction.

OS: iOS 14 beta 4.

Device: iPhone XS

App Version: TF 3.46.0

Screenshots: nah.

Obviously optimistically put this in bugs.

But seems to fit neatly into the ever growing category of half baked interactions/products/features.

Fingers crossed it’s just the former :crossed_fingers: