Monzo Plus: Multiple custom category wrong total spent value

Issue: The total spent value for categories where money has been split shows the total amount of money spent in each payment instead of the money that was set to be belonging to that category.

Details to reproduce: Create a custom category (let’s say “Test”. Open a payment from the list (let’s say of £100). Assign 2 categories to that payment (let’s say “General” and “Test”). Split the £100 payment in £60 for General and £40 for Test. Do a search on your payment history and filter by the keyword “Test”. Notice how the payment is shown with the full amount £100 and how this is reflected in the sum at the bottom of the page.
Expected result: I would want to see only the £40 belonging to the category “Test”, at the very least in the sum that os shown at the bottom.
OS: Android
Device: OnePlus 6
App Version: 3.42.0