Incoming payment categorisation

(Lee Martin) #5

This has always been the case for me I’m afraid. I always thought that it was just how it functions.

(Tom ) #6

I have to agree with you. I get the same.

It doesn’t reduce my total spent to show the £10 I’ve received. On a side note, I can’t categorise those incomes.

Also second side note, in Categories, it doesn’t show people I’ve paid, but it does in Merchant. I tagged a Monzo-to-Monzo £4 as ‘Eating Out’ but it only displays the payment under Merchant. It includes it in the total spent however.

I pay £10 on groceries, partner gives me £5 for their half
Crediting Repayments to Targets
(Hugo Cornejo) #7

Yeah, that’s something we need to fix too. We’re about to start working on money requests and bill splitting so we’ll add this to the list. Thanks!

Incoming payment to negate spending
I pay £10 on groceries, partner gives me £5 for their half
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Target Balance Should Increase when Contacts Repay Me (Bill Splitting)
Crediting Repayments to Targets
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(Tom ) #8

Lovely! Thanks @hugo. Keep up the amazing work!

(Pavel Kirjanas) #9

Why monthly averages disappeared? So very inconvenient. And I liked how in each category all payments were sorted from largest to smallest, not day by day as they are sorted now. Sad face.

(Alex Sherwood) #10

Here’s Monzo’s explanation -

There’s some more feedback in the post, if your use case for the averages isn’t covered then you should definitely share it :slight_smile:

(Gregg Coull) #11

Would also be good if you could offset money received from a friend against a particular purchase, rather than just within the category. You can then see how much that event actually cost you.

Is this effectively how the bill splitting will work when that’s implemented?

(Alex Sherwood) #12

Great idea. That would feed nicely into this idea -

It could work in a similar way to Google’s Inbox product - which bundles all emails relating to a particular event under a single event.

Values could be rolled up to that top level event total.

(Gregg Coull) #13

Also noted you can’t add a note to the money received like you can to your spend. Something that would be covered off if they did what’s mentioned in your linked idea.

Would also be a worthwhile feature to add even before the full grouping function is complete.

(Alex Sherwood) #14

It would, it sounds like this may be enabled at the same time as the bill splitting feature, that’s next up on the roadmap

(Jay) #15

So to clarify, should the monthly total spent be the sum of all debits minus credits?

When the sending money feature was released on android I tried it out and the money I received wasn’t included, which I find a bit annoying.

I used the app to chat to Monzo and they confirmed that it isn’t a bug and isn’t supposed to be included but this post here is saying the opposite?

Incoming payment to negate spending
(Alex Sherwood) #16

That would make sense for the total monthly spend but not the individual category totals which I would expect to be the sum of all debits only, for now, since credits can’t be categorised.

Yes, Hugo’s post contradicts that.

Could you please clarify where you’re seeing the monthly total spent (I would have assumed Targets but that feature’s not available yet for Android)? I’ll check to see what happens when I receive a payment on iOS using, to see whether this is an Android specific issue.

(Jay) #17

Credits can be categorised, can’t they? Somebody send me money through Monzo and I am able to change the category, which is why I was expecting it to be taken away from the monthly total for that category.

The monthly total spent I’m talking about is under the spending tab.

(Alex Sherwood) #18

Are you sure about that? :slight_smile: I can’t see a way to categorise them…

Just to confirm, credits (from don’t reduce the total spent on iOS either.

(Colin Robinson) #19

iTunes refunds can be :slight_smile:

I’ve also got Eating Out items refunded when something went wrong with the terminal and it shows a 2 credits and 2 debits for the same amount.

Plus an Amazon refund when the price I paid was less than that quoted at order time…

(Alex Sherwood) #20

Looks like other (all) refunds can be too :thumbsup:

Do you know whether those refunds were deducted from your total spend?

(Jay) #21

By credits I meant money that somebody sent to me through the app. Top-ups can’t. I should have been more clear about that.

I haven’t received any money through yet so I’m not sure about that.

Edit: Just to be clear about what I meant:

(Jay) #22

I had one refund previously which, for me, shows up in the spending tab under the relevant category. There are too many transactions in that category for me to go through and add it all up, but I would assume that if it shows up, it is deducted.

(Pablo Francisco Orvananos) #23

It doesn’t make sense we can’t classify the monwy we receive from MONZO.ME as it most likely someone paying me pack for something I spent through my monzo (which I classified under a category)

(Alex Sherwood) #24

Hey Pablo, I totally agree. Fortunately Hugo mentions towards the beginning of this thread that Monzo’s working on a way to enable users to categorise incoming payments so I’ve moved your topic here.

Since not being able to categorise these credits will mess up user’s targets when they use bill splitting, I’m hoping that this update will be made when v1 of the bill splitting feature is released :pray:

Money received assigned to a spending category should increase target