Including balance on transaction notifications

Advocate (Advocaat - secret lemonade drinker I see what you did there :wink:)

Or Snowball as my mother used to say.


This would definitely be useful, more so that how much I’ve spent today. Or why not both!

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It’s not really my place to go convincing other users of what they want or need, I was only letting the forum know that the feature that was removed would be really handy for some people, like me.

I’ve actually already moved bank as Monese does show your balance as a notification, so I left Monzo, as it doesn’t have the features I would find useful.

If Monzo decides to give users the option to see their available balance in notifications again I’d happily reconsider coming back.

Seeing my balance easily is kinda essential for me, as I need to manage my money carefully. So for me it’s an essential feature that is missing.