In the future when everybody is on Monzo

I’ve been thinking about what it would be like if Monzo were to become the Facebook of banking where everyone you know is on the platform and what sort of opportunities and functionality that throws up. Just thinking out loud, I know most if not all of these have been proposed… (as this list is getting quite long I’ll come back and do my other scenarios if this one is interesting).

Scenario 1: Everyone in your family is on Monzo:

1: A shared pot to buy Mum a 70th birthday present (send a link to your family via and they can all contribute)
2: A shared pot for the family skiing holiday - as above
3: I can pay my kids their pocket money directly - automated payment into pocket money pots
4: When the kids have done their chores they can request additional payment via the app - “Chore done”
5: The kids pocket money can have limits set and I can authorise very large payments
6: A shared family charity pot where we try and save a certain amount in the year - locked and transferred to family charity on the 31st of December
7: The kids are going to do a year out in Borneo on World Challenge - send a pot-link to the family to put in regular amounts. The Borneo pot appears and they can subscribe a certain number of pounds per month.
8: It’s Friday night, the kids are at Uni, I’ll send my kids a beer via the app to let them know I’m thinking of them - “You have beer”. Money appears in a beer pot.
9: I’m running a Marathon - here’s a link to sponsor me in one click. With no fees for charity, Monzo becomes very efficient and becomes the new Just Giving.
10: The kids want money for Christmas as they have no originality. Gran and Grandad send a gift or gift card through the app. Zara gift card shows up as a Zara pot. When the kids use the gift card at Zara, it knows it has a gift card and takes the money from there rather than current account.
11: I decide to teach the kids the benefits of investing. I send them a Freetrade pot with shares in Brewdog within it - they watch their wealth grow and become Hedge Fund managers and keep me in my old age.
12: I share my University fund pot with my children. They can’t access the money until they are 18 but they can watch it grow.
13: I send the kids a GCSE pot with £50 in it. This pot will unlock when you get 5 B’s and 3 C’s.
14: My wife sends me a pot with the cost of a ticket to the Superbowl in it. This pot will unlock if I lose 3 stone by November 15th.
15: I die. My Monzo account is passed to her as a single transaction after confirmation process. She has access to all the investments held in my name - my Freetrade Pot, my Crowdcube Shares, my Seedrs Shares, my Plum loans.

Just a bit of fun.


Haha these are great. It might be just a bit of fun but it really does highlight the potential of a bank like Monzo compared with a classic bank account!

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I especially like number 8 - a really nice idea. Am trying to get more of my family on Monzo, can see some good features that would benefit them all. I wish it had been around when I was at uni.

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My only problem with everyone having Monzo is that there would no longer be the excitement when you see/meet someone with some Hot Coral… it’s just not the same if everyone has it. :sob:


These are all amazing ideas, I really like the gift card integration and I hope that could become reality. @alexs referenced this photo @/hugo uploaded before when responding to me about pinning loyalty cards in your feed and I think it’s a good place for additional balances to be held for easy checking.


Also number 8 reminds me of the ko-fi site. You give artists a virtual coffee/ coffees and this one-off donation is good for people who want to support their favourite artists, but don’t like or cannot afford monthly payments to them via Patreon. I like it :sparkles:


I miss that UI so much. :sob::sob:

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Just a bit of fun, which turns out to be a really great vision! Thanks for sharing this @andrewpclark :+1:t3:

I love the way you have thought about the many different ways that families can use pots. I dig the gift card idea too!


You could do most of these by giving cards to your family. When the whole world has Monzo, Nearby Friends should make all other payment methods irrelevant, at least for those who pay for things with current accounts.