Idea: The ability to have shared pots with non Monzo users

I haven’t given this a lot of thought, so please excuse me if the idea is still pretty raw and not articulated clearly in terms of how this could be implemented.

Right now while Monzo is not available for users internationally & in EU. It would be awesome if there was a way to create a shared pot then send a shared link to a non Monzo user where they can sign up with an account (of course with limited features to be able only to access a dashboard, not a card or bank account) where they can log in and send money to that shared pot from their existing bank account and see how much they’ve saved in it. So this way you can save money with a family member even if they are not a Monzo user.

This could be easier to implement compared to having to wait for Monzo to roll out internationally.

Anyone have figured out any other ways to save Money with family/friends who are not Monzo users?

Sounds like it could be a prime way to launder foreign money, so might be a no go


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