#FullMonzo Benefits - Testing

I have been a member of the Monzo family for around 6 months and have regularly been involved with the Monzo community… but one thing I would love to be a part of is testing. I know Monzo usually releases beta changes to random customers but I was thinking, wouldn’t it be great if a customer becomes #FullMonzo they would benefit from testing first?

I know this is based of the amount of #FullMonzo customers and how many customers Monzo would like to test but what’s your thoughts?

*Could potentially encourage Monzo customers to go #FullMonzo

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iOS or Android?

Because you can with both, by asking to join the beta.

I’m on iOS - oh really? How can I do this? :blush:

Chat to cops and ask to join the testflight.

Thanks Codf - appreciate it!

Honestly, I think this is a terrible idea (sorry).

People who are #fullMonzo are likely big advocates of the brand, and will champion the bank.

It would horribly impact the figures if these people were responsible for the feedback on tests.

Imagine the Monzo Plus trial…

A lot of people would likely sign up for it (because they are fans), and Monzo would think it was a huge success… roll it out to everyone, and only then realise it’s not what people want.

Monzo fans have access to the TestFlight on iOS (when available), and the Monzo labs features when they appear.

Anything else would give a skewed view of what the majority of customers want.


No don’t be sorry! I like your response - it would be an ‘opt-in’ feature (that I should have added to my post above)… just something for Monzo to think about to encourage folk to go #FullMonzo

I’ll ask the team to be added to iOS testflight! :laughing:

Thanks Nick!

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Things don’t always work very well on TestFlight.

You will be making monzo your main bank account and being a beta tester - think carefully!


Testing and #fullmonzo but @nickh I would never join Monzo Plus with them prices, it’s needs to be Monzo “bolt ons”, if I wanted to pay that for an account I would go to Nationwide :wink:

But back on topic, was testing when Monzo was Mondo :wink: and just started back up on both single and JA.

So far no issues I have run into yet :wink: