Improvements - Payees

Hoping to group all the payee improvements as i couldn’t see this on any one post - bits here and there.

Hopefully this will make it easier for both us the users to mention improvements and tips and Monzo to read and filter possible ideas.

I’ve seen the following being added through various posts,

  • Option to add pictures to payees.

  • Option to add payees without having to pay them first
    (i’ll be honest i’m not sure if this has already been implemented/patched in)

  • Option to edit existing payess without having to delete them and start again.

  • Changing the order the payees are displayed (Alphbetical / Custom etc)

  • Option to change a existing Monzo user to a picture of your choice from your account.
    (Maybe for asthectic reasons / Offensive

  • Saving mutilple accounts for the same user

Admins - please feel free to move this/delete if needed.

If you can think of anything i’ve missed out or want to add more suggestions etc please add them below


The current set up is extremely poor. This list is pretty comprehensive and reflects my needs.

When Monzo completed the big list, they mentioned that management was on their list of things to do. Since then, there hasn’t been much of an update.

:crossed_fingers: it happens soon

Having said that…

It would be good when using CASS to bring old or current accounts over from other providers, for the payee lists to transfer over to Monzo as well. At present they just disappear.

It’s stopped me thus far transferring my accounts over.

This was something i uploaded a little while ago so i appreciate that this has changed a little since but not by too much.

Difference between Monzo and Starling -

Monzo Starling

Even when paying someone on Starling there are small animations indicating that the payments gone through etc - It’s just, well looks more fun!

I know it’s a little thing but to me Monzo has always seemed like the fun bank and just little touches like this is whats stopping me going ‘Full Monzo’


When I used CASS to change to Monzo all my payees did automatically transfer over into Monzo’s “recent” payee list. Even if I hadn’t made any payments to them from my old account for years.


I really like Starling’s take on this. Monzo’s works really well but Starling just adds that personal touch. Maybe we’ll see something like this in the future…?!


That’s ok. I did a switch when they launched it, it didn’t work for me. Good to know - thanks :+1:


Said it before and I’ll say it again; Starling’s payee management is miles ahead of Monzo’s.

Another annoying behaviour is that even after defining a payee in Monzo, it doesn’t associate incoming payments with that entity. So if I create a new payee called “Tesco Savings” and send money to my Monzo account it shows as coming from a “different” payee, even though the account number/sort code match :unamused: This makes searching for/matching up payments a complete pain.


I think an “Add Payee” option for incoming faster payments would be useful.


+1 for add a picture to a payee, with all the merchant data efforts, the “slickness” of the app with all of these initials in coloured circles is lost a bit…

I’d like in and outbound payments as well as standing orders to have the ability to associate an image…