Import Amex Transactions into Google Sheets

Anyone come up with a good way of importing amex balance automatically into Google sheets?

Some ideas I’ve had :

  1. Use a cheap cloud Linux server to scrape the amex website somewhere I can use IMPORTHTML
  2. Use moneydashboard to get the balance then use a server to routinely log in and export CSV into Google drive. Then reference that from my financial spreadsheet

Neither good or simple ideas, as you can see! Any better ideas much appreciated!

I’ve come up with a temporary workaround until I can come up with something better:

  1. Use IFTTT to add a new row to Google Sheets whenever a new transaction occurs (as in AMEX + Monzo Bills Pot + IFTTT = Closed Loop! 🙌)
  2. Add up the “Amount” column into a cell and reference that from my financial spreadsheet

Whenever I pay the bill I’ll need to make sure I manually add that row into the “AMEX Transactions” sheet, and any non-GBP transactions breaks it, but still a lot better than inputting the balance in manually

I was going to pop up and suggest that.

My spreadsheet has become a lot more advanced now though with the ability to manually input transactions without breaking anything, the ability to categorise merchants and the ability to combine all of my AMEX data with my Monzo data to create a super finance dashboard.

The only problem I have now is that I’ve been toying with the idea of moving from Android to iOS, but this is the one final sticking point for me. One potential solution would be to keep an android phone running at home to log these transactions, but I’d love something more elegant.

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All I can think of is maybe using BlueStacks on a server somewhere.

I like your idea of adding categories to the Amex data and mixing it with the Monzo data. How do you go about doing that? A vlookup of merchants? I guess the monzo transaction spreadsheet itself gives a category lookup table, assuming you’ve shopped at that merchant before using your monzo card.

I’ll get back to you on this over the weekend. I’d like to give you a more comprehensive response, but it’s little difficult to find the time between work and Christmas parties.

Okay so I’ve found this, which should in theory work: Connect your bank account to Google Sheets | Nordigen

But I can’t for the life of me get it live in Google Sheets. I’ve generated a token via Nordigen, dropped it into the Google Sheet, but it keeps saying that it’s wrong:
Exception: Request failed for returned code 401. Truncated server response: {"summary":"Authentication failed","detail":"Invalid token.","status_code":401} (use muteHttpExceptions option to examine full response).