Improving the look of Bank Transfers in the feed

So my feed is very nearly complete in terms of enrichment of transactions with location and logos etc. The one omission I have is the inability to attached a logo/location/proper title to a bank transfer, specifically my salary as that’s how my employer pays me.

Is this something that could be added in the future?


It’d be nice to be able to add your own photos to Bank Transfers. I know you can suggest info on merchants to :mondo: but being able to add your own photos would be a next level.

Monzo seem to have a problem with people uploading their own photos… due to what might be uploaded I believe. This is why Pot’s doesn’t have custom photos at the moment… however I believe this is something they are going to look into and work out how it can be achieved :slight_smile:

Although some staff have insinuated that might be the issue, I don’t think it’s actually the reason why. Solely because you can already upload files in the form of receipts.

I imagine it’s just trying to prioritise the most requested & important features first, I have no doubt they will implement it :+1:t2:

And profile photos - which is even more crucial as it’s public …

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Fair point, I didn’t think of that… you’d have thought it wouldn’t be too hard then because the code to upload and sorting the data are already there as you said for recipes…