IFTTT + Google Sheets + Monzo = Then what?

My head just exploded a little bit reading this thread.

It seems like a fantastic feature, but unless you’ve got a degree in spreadsheetlology it looks pretty complicated to get it working!

Thanks for all the examples so far though, I’m going to give it a go in the next day or two


This is great :slight_smile:

Is the purple section just tracking the last transaction/dd or are they ‘action buttons’ of some kind?

I love seeing peoples dashboards! Inspires me to stop faffing around with silly formula and actually make something useful - so far most of my Data Use has been playing around with IFTTT, and conversations in this thread. I’ve got 6 tabs filled with random ‘data problems’ in my sheet now!

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It’s just tracking for now.

The only dynamic part is the “P8” so I can change it to my pay periods. I’m not sure what else I want/need to look at yet.

That’s the real trouble I’m having. I don’t know yet precisely what I want all this data to do and I don’t want to have to come back and restructure it all.

One of the things I’m getting caught up on is Pot Transfers.

I’m sort of trying to recreate a YNAB style approach to my view - but I think because I mix how I use Pots it’s a bit confusing to ‘sort’ from a layout point of view.

Some Pots I effectively stooge money into like an “Envelope” so I can see that movement of money into a pot as “budgeting” that “category” (the category being the Pots purpose - i.e. Train Travel, or House Deposit etc - I’m budgeting an amount per month to move to this pot).

But some are more “in budget transfers” with Money that doesn’t yet have a purpose - and I don’t want to display in the same way.

Need to properly sit down for an evening and work out what I’m trying to achieve!

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Right question for any AMEX users…

I think I might have a way to do a “Weekly Balance Tracker” for an AMEX card.

Which would enable you to sweep the difference each week to your AMEX Pot.

It’s a bit of a Janky method. Is anyone keen to have a write up of that?

It needs:

  • Zapier Account (free plan is fine)
  • Gmail / Outlook / Zoho mail account (or anyone that this page says is compatible)
  • Google Sheets account
  • Changing AMEX notification settings
  • And, of course, Google Sheets / Monzo Plus to Sheets turned on / IFTTT

Like I say, Janky, but it should be fairly workable.

If anyone is keen, let me know and I’ll write up the steps :slight_smile:


So if anyone is interested in the AMEX Pot Thing I mentioned above - take a look here:

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It’s taken me a little while to realise, but this is the much smarter way of doing things!

I’ve been editing/moving/changing the data and it’s gone wrong in a couple of places, so now I’m doing it properly!

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Hmmm, if I then edit anything, it breaks.

Any suggestions people? How are you editing the raw data but keeping the original?

I edit it in the Monzo app, the raw data updates automatically.

As far as I know the two routes you can do are either helper colums in the “import” sheet to do whatever you need to with (wether that’s formula or hard typed data). You could have an “overide” column - lets say you’re changing categories. Make an overide column and detect blanks to determine if using Original or Override.

Or you have to edit the Live Stream.


As @BritishLibrary described, the safest way to “manipulate” the data is with helper columns. Leave the raw data alone and if you want to manually override categories, create a new column that’s equal to the category column and edit entries in that instead.

The template that I shared previously has the following helper columns;

I use these to ‘enrich’ the raw data and allow for more useful x-axis labels on graphs. For example I can plot spending per week or per month or per quarter, relatively easily because of these additional helper columns.

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Is anyone here finding IFTTT incredibly unreliable at the moment? I’ve got a recipe that should fire every time a new value is added to a sheet but it rarely works anymore. It’s been like this for a few weeks now. Any suggestions on how to fix it would be great.

I’ve had the same. I had one spreadsheet link that should have updated on Saturday AM but only triggered Sunday evening.

Not sure if there’s a better mechanism, but yeah it is slow on occasion.

Hmm, I might try using IMPORTRANGE to pull all the data into another sheet and see how things go from there. Looking at the recipe I have a tonne of error messages in the logs with no detail at all. There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of support available from IFTTT either.

I have a similar issue. Using IMPORTRANGE, Sheet is set to update only on change (not change and every minute etc.).
IFTTT is failing every minute to every 3-minutes, causing the applet to eventually disable itself.

I’m using it to monitor the cell for sweeping up remaining balance on payday that @BritishLibrary provided a long way above.

Reconnected Sheets, reconnected Monzo, recreated spreadsheet with different name etc. no luck.

Anyone have any ideas on why IFTTT fails with no info on the error? Anyone had success?

Do you have a screen shot of why it is failing? Any error codes it gives or anything?

I would first try updating your spreadsheet settings to the most frequent update you can have - that seemed to remove a couple of problems I had before.

After that, I’d probably say there might be an error in where you directed IFTTT to look, or there might be some parsing error in a formula that’s confusing it. If the above don’t work, post a screenshot of stuff and will see if I can work out the issue.

I’ve got some screenshots below.

Spreadsheet is is set to update on change and every minute. I don’t know if I can improve on that anymore?

Applet is set to look at the right sheet and the right cell. The calculations seem to be correct after re-reading the tutorial for a sweep of funds before Payday.

Applet seems to fail immediately after being turned on and then continues to fail every few minutes. Applet has been recreated multiple times, as has the spreadsheet.

Only thing I haven’t tried is just the Payday sweep cells without the Monzo/Google integration. But it would be pointless as that’s what the formulas rely on.
I’m using the IMPORTRANGE() formula to keep the Monzo transactions up to date in another sheet in this worksheet (“Monzo Copy”).

Hmm, the only thing that comes to mind - is the order of the tabs in your work book?

With the way you’ve set your IF trigger - the tab with the calculations in need to be in the very left most tab; (Or alternatively add [Tab Name]! before the F2 cell reference.

If the problem is IFTTT side, that might be the cause.


If you change the date in B2 to the day before your last salary, does cell D2 update?

Final thought - in your spreadsheet settings - is your “Location” Set to UK? I just nipped back into my test sheet and I had the location as US :man_facepalming: Once I changed it, the formula picked up again.

Let me know if any of those work?

This is exactly the same error I was getting. The trigger was working fine then one day it just suddenly stopped.

Since then I’ve upgraded to Pro (because what’s £1.55 a month) and also used IMPORTRANGE to pull everything into a new spreadsheet and it does all seem to be working again now. I’m not sure for how long, but I wonder if in building Pro IFTTT have inadvertently broken some Google Sheets functionality.

I’m on the Pro subscription, but didn’t have any Sheets issues prior to signing up. Hmm.