IFTTT + Google Sheets + Monzo = Then what?



Looks great!

(Orange is 2020, grey is 2019, dotted grey is 2018)

You could add months to a pivot table then add that column as a label to the graph. That will make the months a little clearer on your graph.




Right! That is a thing of absolute beauty. Need to absolutely steal that idea


That’s a good idea, I might have to do that!

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Its not entirely related to monzo, but I recently added my mortgage to my finance spreadsheet dashboard and replicated the mortgage overpayment calculator in google sheets;

It helped me come up with an overpayment game plan to cut 15 years of the mortgage term and save £30k. I can now see exactly how much interest my mortgage is gaining every day (~£10!!!), how much of my mortgage payment actually reduces my mortgage balance, and I can see the exact impact of overpaying today versus any other day.

It was a massive pain to set up and has slowed down my spreadsheets significantly as it has to calculate compound interest everyday for decades. But the added visibility and understanding of my mortgage is invaluable.


You’re my hero and idol all wrapped in one.

But I don’t want that because it will scare me into never spending another penny.

When @BritishLibrary sees this he’s going to have to explain to his partner why he isn’t coming to bed tonight.


Bravo :clap: - outstanding work to bring an instant visual :bulb: moment to your financial outlook :muscle:


I mean I was literally just saying “I think I’m going to have an early night, I just need to check on my 3d printer…” But now THIS.

I have a similar tool in Excel - but designed for comparing the costs of comparing Mortgages and “stacking” mortgage deals back to back - In our current house search I wanted to not only see what the best deal now was, but get a measure of some typical expected costs if we, say, remortgaged every 2 years vs 5. A proper fun sheet.

Out of interest @Lewis_P - is this using some form of the PMT formula to calculate or are you doing compound interest differently?

I went about it the long way. The mortgage data sits alongside all of my other metrics (bank balances, health stats, car stats, utilities etc).

So there’s a row per date, with calculations for interest accrued for that date etc. Its definitely not the smartest or fastest way to do it, but it keeps everything in line and comparable. So I can see what impact each mortgage payment makes on the interest per day for example.

I try to keep all of my key metrics in one sheet to allow me to do comparisons across categories. For example I can compare miles driven versus electricity use per day, or number of steps versus bank balance, or the amount of solar exported versus interest accrued (they’re not all useful comparisons haha).

Another screenshot showing the impact of overpayments;


Would anyone be interested in contributing to a library of sheets that can be easily copied and pointed at your own data?

I could set up and help curate a topic on that if there’s interest? I’d have to look for others for the templates, though!


There’s some super experts here but I’m happy to help where I can.

Can’t contribute but would love this if people were happy to share!

I’m definitely up for that - I’d be keen to understand what sort of templates people want.

I did get 80% of the way through some form of monthly tracker, but just based on what I’d want. And then I gave up because it wasn’t quite doing what I wanted.

But yeah, if there was a ‘view’ of your money you don’t have but want, what would that be?

I think something splitting merchants by month/year would be good to start with.

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Something like…

No formatting at all - but it’s Sum of £ at Merchant, by Year/Month, sorted in order of current year total £

(obviously could then be displayed graphically too)

Yep, happy to contribute. As @BritishLibrary mentioned, first step would be to understand exactly what the community wants from a finance template. Perhaps a poll/thread for suggestions would be a good idea? (Maybe there’s already a thread that can bumped)

Amount saved in pots and the pulse chart (posted above) would be nice

If you add a new sheet and in A1, write the date you wish to start your pulse from. Then in A2 add this

=if(A1<today(),sumifs(‘Monzo Transactions’!$H:$H,‘Monzo Transactions’!$B:$B,"<="&C2,‘Monzo Transactions’!$D:$D,"<>"&“Pot Transfer”),0)

If it errors, it’s likely to be related to how the forum deals with pasting in the " symbol, it can make the difference.

In A2 add this


Drag them down as far as you wish to go

Then highlight columns A+B and click the little “Insert Graph” icon, about 4th from the right.

Job done!

For pots, did you want how much each pot gets added each month?

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@Peter_G Do you want to create a google sheets that is editable? (And maybe some instructions for people on how to save as their own)

And then those of us who can/are happy to, can add a new tab with the info they want to add?