IFTTT Applet to write to spreadsheet seems to be useless?

Good idea but sadly changing locale didnt affect the result :frowning:

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The only and best alternative I can suggest then, is adding a helper column somewhere in the IFTTT export sheet to remove the £ sign. If you can’t edit the applet at all?

I think this should work

=right([cell with £],len([cell with £])-1)

Change the [squares] to a cell reference and it should work.

Bit of a fudge though

I’ve had a bit of a play with this applet and it’s definitely working straight out of the box. I only had two transactions to work with, but I duplicated these a few times and the SUM function works.

The only way to get the figures to be left aligned like they are in your screenshot was to select the column and change the format to ‘text’. When I change the format to ‘text’ the SUM function returns ‘0’ like it does for you.

The most logical explanation is that you’ve accidentally changed the column format to ‘text’ at some point. The solution seems really simple though, just select all cells in columns E & F, go to Format > Number and pick Currency. As soon as you do this the SUM function starts working again.


I havent changed anything on the sheet its the default sheet the applet created by itself. Ill try deleting the sheet and just seeing what happens when the applet creates it again itself but ive not touched it at all. Changing to currency does absolutely nothing for me. Can you check to see if the applet is adding the £ symbol into the cell? Because it is for me.

If you’re happy to do so could you share the sheet with us so that we can take a closer look?

Go to File > Make a Copy.
In that new copy delete out any data you don’t want to share with us. I’d perhaps delete columns B & C entirely and then delete most of the rows so that we only get 5 or 6 random bits of data.
Then go to File > Share. Change to anyone with the link and make sure access is only viewer only.

To answer this, no it isn’t. The cell value is ‘1000’ but the value displayed by Google Sheets is ‘£1,000’.

Sorry i deleted the sheet already. Ill see what happens when i use my card over lunchtime and hopefully itll be fixed. May have just been some sort of glitch on the one sheet. Fingers crossed!

Was it a sheet you created yourself and pointed it towards? Or did the applet create it?

The applet created it on first run in assume.

Fair play, let us know how you get on. I’m almost certain it’s a Google Sheets issue rather than IFTTT.
Google Sheets is so so good, but when things go wrong they can be an absolute pain to identify and fix. Binning the sheet and starting again hopefully fixes it for you!

After reading this thread, I set up the IFTTT integration and made a few payments to test it out.

I can confirm that it worked as expected for me. The text was right justified and formatted as currency. It summed as expected.

So I’m at a loss as to how to explain why it’s different for you.