If you switched to Monzo: Why?

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Being in the IT industry I’m always looking for new technologies and methods to change day to day life. Monzo, is a perfect example of simplifying your life so I got involved instantly.

Truth is I found Cleo.(an AI application that connects to your bank) First, and then a friend told me about Monzo and then I did research and landed here.


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Nice one thank you


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Fed up with running MoneyWiz and reconciling legacy bank statements, just taken the plunge and I have gone FULL Monzo :grimacing:
I accept the ‘odd’ anomaly as part of the design and development of a modern bank trying to build around what it’s users want!
Here’s looking forward to completion of some of the road map integrations :ok_hand:


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Myself I have just gone #fullmonzo as they say, currently in the process of switching from Nationwide. Using the current account switching service I am hoping everything will be good as the switch date is the 26th and my salary and bills process on the 27th so I am hoping it all fits nicely together.

Why the switch well firstly the customer service feedback and reviews and word of mouth sold it to me (researched the heck out of Monzo before I took the plunge). Secondly the app, summary and ease of use is excellent. I normally run a spreadsheet on everything to keep track of spending, budgets and so on so with Monzo it looks like I can put that to one side going forward.

Yes it’s not perfect but the product suits me, It looks to help budgeting and tracking and I look forward to being part of something good going forward.

Summing up. It’s easy to use, good simple features (with improvements going forward) as long as it doesn’t start costing me to do the simple banking I do then job as they say is a good’un


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I’ve been working abroad for the past three years, and got fed up of high street banks asking me to “visit my closest branch”.

The final tipping point was when I tried to change my address. Could only do that by post and not online. Then apparently my signature was incorrect on the form, but because they couldn’t change my address posted news of that to my old address🤦🏻‍♂️

Managed to change my bank address with Monzo in about 5 minutes😆



I just started my switch to Monzo. Had I switched to the one I originally planned would have got over £200 cash back. Why Monzo?

Instant notifications (yes I know when I’ve used my card) but saves on receipts when I don’t need one & can instantly see if I’ve been charged correctly. No way waiting around for days for pending payments to clear.

Security. Can instantly freeze my card and defrost. No thinking what the hell is the number to cancel my card. Oh it’s on the back. Great when you’ve lost it.

Customer service. Every query answered promptly & accurately. No need to send off forms for change of names. Scan and send. New card sent. No need to order.

Does everything a standard bank does for me but done properly.

Can track what Ive spent on eating out etc. No need for 3rd party apps or spreadsheets. Can correct categories and stay in budget.

Pay new payers without having to log in online as most other banks won’t let you do so in the app. Great when your landlord changes bank accounts & you’re stuck in work.

Card is cool. I love Monzo!


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A really neat summary - :grinning:


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I switched for the reasons @MeganV mentions.

I think my biggest reason is that I want to understand my bank and the financial process, whether that’s greater understanding of my spending through notifications, and transactions listed instantly. The security is a big issue, particularly with the recent breaches that they flagged, and being able to quickly freeze the card if there are issues. Customer service is good, the communication and transparency is really a big factor.

initially, I was worried about the lack of interest, but it really isn’t enough to not use something at the forefront of fintech. Yes, being on the cutting edge is an attractive idea too.



Interest is so low on most current and savings accounts anyway unless it’s an introductory rate for a fixed period. A quick look at a comparison website lists only Santander has offering an interest rate at all. I wish Monzo offered ISAS and other savings accounts. I know there’s the pot but a separate one with. For me the hardest decision wasn’t so much the switch but missing out on a good cash back offer elsewhere as I’d rather have decent customer service but like most people extra cash is always welcome.


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There are plenty of cashback offers available (Quidco, Topcashback, Curve, Pockit, Barclays etc) and if you want to use this for discounts, you could move money to pay for specific things when needed.

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Thanks. Will look at those. Was more thinking about incentives to switch.


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Because of years being messed about with other rubbish bank .I just wanted a no nosence wages and DD account without queuing up to see a non smiling person . everything done online and machine now.hardly any staff there these days .plus after a bad experience with Barclays trying to prove my I.D …so rude I stormed out. I looked at the online banks. Monzo passed me straight away. This could possibly be the best bank in the world …and at 51yrs Ive used them all :wink:


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