Identifying Contactless Transactions

Thanks for your response @hugo!

I’m sometimes a little concerned about the ease of conducting a contactless transaction, so I guess that’s why I raised that point of fraudulent activity.

A scenario in which I see this being useful would be if I have a lot of transactions on a given day, and I’m certain that I have only used a PIN :lock:. If I then see a contactless transaction in my feed (when I’m checking my expenditure at the end of the day) it would allow me to identify that someone/something has used my card without my permission. Granted, this is probably a little extreme, but I do think there’s some value in knowing if a transaction is contactless.

There’s a nice article here which outlines an industrial approach/view to contactless payments, which I guess I have become accustomed. In short, it says: “[contactless payments] show up on your bank statement with the universal contactless wave symbol aside”.

I wonder if anyone else has any thoughts?

I would also be keen on seeing contactless transactions being tagged. Useful when looking over past transactions and perhaps as an interesting metric over time.


I’m trying to understand why? My watch/phone alerts me when a transaction is made (within seconds😮) so doesn’t that eliminate most cases of fraudulent activity?
It would be interesting to know what % is contactless but aren’t most transaction contactless? (But also what’s the point of knowing this?)

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Again my interest is purely historical. Yes my Apple Watch buzzes me the moment I make such a transaction but I’d still like to look back at past transactions and identify them.

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Seems like this feature would be better suited for a report section. so you could have an overlook of your spending from a month / year. Allowing you to get a sense of your spending habits

+1 to identify contactless transactions.

Additionally, it might be good to be able to identify ‘cardholder not present transactions’. The reason being that I occasionally see transactions on my card which I do not recognise (less likely with mondo) and I don’t know if have used my card and forgot, my card has been cloned etc. The added detail may be useful, especially when the transaction is delayed e.g. buying tickets for an event and being charged later when the tickets are dispatched.


Usually cardholder not present transactions would have Online transaction written under the merchant name and logo. Other transaction would have an address instead.

It would be nice to see a litte next to a transaction.


Personally I think it would just be clutter on the main timeline but wouldn’t mind it as part of grey footer on the transaction info screen


FYI Handelsbanken simply identify PayWave transactions on statements by prefixing retailer name with a * character, e.g.:

“*Boots” for contactless
"Boots" for chip and pin

I’d like it on the transaction info screen if it provided as much information about the transaction as possible “Contactless”, “Chip and Pin”, “Chip and Signature”, “Online - CVV, Expiry and address match”, “Online - No CVV, Expiry or address check”, “Online - CVV and Expiry match, Address failed to match”.



I’m digging through old transactions because something has been refunded and knowing if it was contactless would’ve helped.


I second this suggestion. I even made a post here but turns out you already have! :smiley:

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I’d like this also… while we may get instant notifications (almost every time), it is helpful to view the transaction screen on a historical basis and see such useful information. It’s especially useful as the ecosystem expands and users employ things like Curve, which introduce an additional point of confusion/conflict/delay.

Wouldn’t bother me if this was here. I don’t really see how it’s necessary with Monzo though. The reason many banks identify it is because it’s not real-time notifications, so it’s harder to spot if your card is being used. With Monzo, either way it’s instant so you know.

Getting a refund - genuinely interested why it matters if it was contactless or not?

There were complications with a transaction a while ago and one of the attempts was contactless.

As a side note, I currently don’t have notifications enabled.

Ah - well I would hope that’s a very rare/niche issue. That being said, just because it’s no use to me doesn’t mean it isn’t to others so I’d not stand in the way of it being introduced :upside_down_face:

No notifications?! That’s the best part of Monzo!

My Barclaycard and Tesco CC apps do this and it’s relatively useful. Personally I would like to extend the request so that we can have a little icon to identify ‘card not present’ tranactions (which overlaps with but is subtly different from the current ‘online’ indication in the transaction detail).

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Very rare, thankfully. I wonder if people on this thread would be okay with it being one level down (I am speculating, but it sounds like they may add it here).

I liked the notification before they made it the eBay Cha-ching noise…

I’m all for a running balance on the first level so it’d be hypocritical for me to have an issue with this being on the first page too!

I have no sound on so it’s all good for me…