IBAN no on Monzo Account


New here, so not sure if this post is in the right place.

I had very high hopes from Monzo, only to have the hopes crushed within minutes of using the app…
I have just moved to the UK and needed an UK bank account. As Monzo is a modern bank with a modern app compared to the other ‘stone age’ banks in the UK.
However, when my employer (who uses a Dutch account) asked my for my IBAN I could not find it. I used the in-app chat to try and find it, but was met with the message that Monzo does not have IBAN yet… (???) This seemed very strange to me as on their own website (https://monzo.com/blog/2018/07/24/what-is-sepa/) they use a Monzo account to showcase what an IBAN looks like.

Is there anyone here who can give some info on how it is possible that a bank does not support IBAN, but showcases IBAN numbers from their own bank on their website?

It would be a shame to have to leave this bank, since I (still) have pretty high hopes…


Doesn’t sound right - I used ibancalculator.com to work out my IBAN and it also confirmed the available services as well.

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Also this comment: Looks like IBAN/SWIFT is coming

Starling bank does everything that Monzo does and has IBAN already. It’s Available to view inside the app.