I wonder how many remember Access

Im probably showing my age but i wonder how many of the older ones here remember probably the first credit card i remember from my youth


My savings pots in Starling:


ha ha i love that pic that was the saying that came to my head as i posted :smiley:

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I used to love my Access card. Mastercard has never seemed as good.

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there was sone thing special about an Access card though :smiley:

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Yeah so erm I clicked on this topic expecting it to be about Microsoft.

I think this one was before my time :sweat_smile:


Me too, although I remember a news story about it from a few years ago, where somebody found one washed up by the sea and still almost completely intact after nearly 50 years!

I was also aware of the existence of it because I’ve read about it before (I’m sure it’s been brought up here and other similar places) and also seen the acceptance logo on old shop doors.

The adverts sound pretty tacky though.

I do just about remember Switch & Solo, but not beyond that.


It was not only my first credit card, but was my first experience of credit card fraud.

Back in those days you notified them of change of address by filling in a form on the back of the paying in slip. I did this for three months in a row (Royal Mail was forwarding the bills). But when my card expired they still sent it to my previous address, and Royal Mail didn’t forward it to my new address. The new tenant at my old address decided to do some spending, unknown to me. It was only discovered when I asked where my new card was.


I remember the adverts.

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My second credit card. Barclaycard appeared somewhat earlier.


From the title I instantly thought of Microsoft Access! :rofl:


that must have been a horrible experience

the adverts were indeed tacky lol


every one thought switch was fantastic … no not cass but probably the first as a multifunction cheque guarantee and cash card


i was trying to remember what the other one was thanks :slight_smile:

It wasn’t too bad, actually. I called them to ask where my card was and they said they’d sent it there or four weeks ago. After we worked out it had gone to the wrong address they asked when I’d last used it. I hadn’t used it for months because I was trying to pay off the balance. The new card had been used, but, of course, I had no idea because I hadn’t received a statement yet. Ignorance was bliss.


My first credit card in 1984 was National Westminster Bank Access - I was a student and they gave me a £200 limit which seemed like a fortune at the time.


I remember getting my first solo card and buying on it aged 16, seemed so cool then…


Yeah think mines was about 150. I thought I was rich lol

I remember the Access adverts, but was only a child at the time, so wasn’t quite ready for the world of credit cards.

That said, my childhood wallet did come with a fake Amex Green Card, which I used to flash about with pride. :sweat_smile: