I tried to post a guide on Reddit to help people out and this happened

I know this kind of stuff happens on the internet but I don’t really think that makes it ok. I mean it just kind of is like “this is why we can’t have nice things” :sob:.

I really didn’t need this but anyway done now. Sorry for kind of ranting. I hope I came off measured and diplomatic in that exchange. What do you all thing?

They definitely went straight into attack mode :grimacing:

But theres a good chance they remove multiple legit spammers everyday and so they presume everyone is the same


Yeah you’re right. It’s a big Reddit. I tried to consider that side and hope it came across in my final message.

Things people take for granted are literally torture for me to endure right now and for me this is actually so much better than before. I haven’t been able to work or do anything I like for so long.

I just wish people would treat me with the decency I try to show them. How can someone behave to another like that without feeling what they’re doing to the other person?


As said, moderators generally don’t get paid so are quick to jump the gun and make their life easier.

If I understood , would posting the article directly on the site instead of linking your own site work?

Then you could leave a link to your site at the end or something.

Sorry to hear its been so rough on you recently

I don’t think that person was trying to be harsh on you, they were just doing their job based on previous experiences. Hopefully you’ll have given then something to think about for the next person

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I’ve lost all motivation to do anything more but I understand it the same way you do, yeah.

Edit: **** it, I’ll just wait until I produce my helper tool to make the process even easier and I’ll just post that there directly as a content post instead of a link! Thanks for the idea!


Oh god I can’t win. Apparently that’s not okay and the rules are unwritten including that now the Reddit is only for news!

Their loss, he could have said the news bit to begin with :woman_facepalming:


Their sidebar doesn’t say any of that either. Ah well.

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Classic ‘moderators on reddit power trip’ thing it seems.

I would have totally taken that rule to mean the same as you inferred. Not that you must be present and active before and after any content gets posted.

I don’t even think it’s a part of reddit site wide rules as the update says.

There’s probably a smaller sub somewhere to put it that would welcome it :slight_smile:


I posted in the ManjaroLinux one and it was well received so there’s something nice to focus on :slight_smile:. Thanks everyone for your support - it means a lot to me :blush:.


That’s great !

Stay positive

I’m sure there will be other places that will welcome this.

And I hope you aren’t taking any of this personally, it rarely is from my own experience. As a moderator you are typically looking at many posts per day and have little time so make quick decisions that aren’t always correct.