I redesigned the Monzo Debit Card! What are your thoughts?

(Ben) #187

Unfortunately I think it’s more likely that Vendors will be the perpetuator of that for a while to come yet. I’ve had places (mostly bars) refuse to use my card for a tab “because it’s not a real bank” and “because I could cancel the card pretty quickly”. Unfortunately the bar was pretty adamant in refusing this card to open a tab. Not the end of the world; but I had gone #FullMonzo - so had to rely on another card for this.

For some reason the bar didn’t particularly enjoy my discussion of “but it is a real debit card”, “look it says debit here”, “it’s got the master card logo” and “I can cancel my AMEX card while the tab is open too”…

(Hugh Wells) #188

Please let us know when this happens - we are able to reach out to Mastercard who will contact the merchant’s acquirer to remind them of the scheme rules :slight_smile:

(Nick Slade) #189

I have only had this once but I kicked up a fuss and they took it in the end…

If this does happen again though, is there any legislation or rules we could ask the merchant to refer to?

I found myself saying ‘You can accept my Monzo card because its a normal debit card’ but had no evidence to throw at them. Having a page bookmarked on my phone to confirm what I am saying is true would be ideal :clap:

(Andy) #191

Just remind them of the MasterCard merchant rules. They aren’t allowed to refuse a genuine MasterCard card if they accept MasterCard.

(Nick) #192

Presumably in this case a business can freely choose not to offer someone a tab though?

(Jack) #193

MasterCard etc discourage this behaviour I think?

(Andre Borie) #194

Maybe there should be a formal & automated way of reporting naughty merchants in the app? Something that even automatically pre-fills the form with the most closest merchant according to your phone’s position?

(Aleksander) #195

I’m not sure if that would work :disappointed_relieved:
:monzo: card seems to have way more things hidden. Look at the card with a strong light behind it :sun_with_face:

(Toby Toller) #196

I had this again on Easyjet yesterday - they said they don’t accept pre-paid cards.

I have one of the early CA Preview cards from the launch night, with no name on, and had to really argue about the prepaid closing down in April, Monzo is now only Current Accounts.

Eventually they accepted it, but even afterwards they were talking to each other about how they had to be careful with Monzo, as most cards are prepaid.

I work in a large retailer, and am conscious of the challenges of cascading communications, whether internal/external to all team members.

Something like this, or in app from Monzo/Mastercard would probably help - although I’m sure as growth and brand awareness continues upwards - this is bound to improve.

(Ben) #197

To be fair, I didn’t want to jeopardise my pint on what was 30 degree weather!

Yeah that was my thought in the end too.


I hated the Coral pink when I first saw it. But the number of people cashiers and fellow customers who have asked about it is unreal. And I told them lol about Monzo!!

So the coral pink is a very shrewd design choice.

The design you’ve posted looks more like my NatWest card than a Monzo card

(Aleksander) #199

I must say I just got my vertical Starling card. Wasn’t a fan at first but yeah… it’s shiny it’s pretty. The colour is really nice. Not a common one but also not fluo


Starling team have done amazing job with the new card. I can’t believe that so many Starling fans are complaining about it on their forum. Come on, their purple card was just the worst looking fintech card in the world! :rofl:


@HughWells just tagging you for :eyes:, I feel like I read this somewhere else recently too.


After reading some of the comments in this thread I think it’s pretty clear that either you love hot coral or you hate it. Some might be fine with the colour but also present legitimate concerns about companies not willing to accept the Monzo card due to past issues.

Personally I think it would be great if Monzo could provide a couple of colour options based on the same design, it would be the easiest way to make everyone happy without too much effort.

(MikeF) #203

Without knowing the costs of putting another card design into manufacture, it seems quite hard to be able to quantify the level of effort involved.

(Jack Stride) #204

@fwzmhmd looks great!! :mondo:


That’s true, but if they are keeping the same design and only changing the colour it should be much easier than a complete redesign, even more so considering that the manufacturing is done by a separate company. I wonder if changing the colour still requires going through the approval process…

(Ignas) #206

Monzo%20vs%20master haha :smile: that monzo logo inside mastercards gets me :smiley:

(Ryan Varley) #207

I must say that I find the current design to be really striking. So many people notice it and comment.