I ordered a new card for international delivery, but the address shown is UK

I ordered a new card that was expected to arrive between September 22-26.

It has not arrived yet, although it still may today.
I did notice that the address of arrival is showing my UK address, although I filled out the form with an international address for delivery.

Is this a bug? Or was it delivered mistakenly to my UK address?

Edit: This is not my first card, which will expire soon

Your first card has to be delivered to a UK address. Subsequent cards can be delivered overseas (certain destinations maybe not), at a cost.

From the in-app help:


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@davidwalton Thank you for your reply.
This would be my second Monzo card. I received my first in the UK, and it will expire quite soon. I ordered this second card for international delivery to an eligible destination.

In which case, contact Monzo and clarify which address the card is going to.

Did you make any payment for international delivery?

Will anyone be able to forward it on?

@Anarchist Yes, I did make a £30 payment for international delivery.
For some reason, when I go on Help on the Monzo app on iPhone, I do not see an option for in-app chat. I used to see that when I first started using the app few years ago.

Go to the help section and search for ‘contacting support’