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I had an old legacy savings ISA but no account. I just used the web form (even thought it tells you not to if you’re an existing customer) and, in my case, they must have done some magic linking of profiles. I have heard of others not being so lucky, so there is a level of inconsistency.

That said, absolutely no complaints here, premier is a pretty decent account offering and I really can’t fault the travel insurance. It’s really good and is absolutely a reason I keep banking with them, plus the app is pretty decent and seems to be getting better over time.


The HSBC app appears to be having some problems this morning.

Sometimes it loads, sometimes it doesn’t.

And the status page, currently, says it’s fine :melting_face:

Same with first direct.

They posted about it on social media.

I haven’t had any problems today, and been going into the app a few times already.

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A side note: if you use HSBC UK Mobile Banking and experience this, you’re effectively locked out of internet banking too as a consequence as this requires the “Digital Securekey” business.

That is not correct.

I can still generate Securekey codes on my HSBC /First Direct apps, even if I can’t login via the app itself.

Those codes are generated locally on your device and don’t need an internet connection etc to work - they even work in aeroplane mode (which I have just tested!)


Glad you can, I can’t. It goes straight from the loading wheel to the error. FD works fine for me.

Man alive, that came across badly.

Have you tried aeroplane mode?

Many people try and login when they actually want a login code - as that is the default option and forget/don’t know you’re supposed to choose the separate generate code button - especially if using biometrics to login

This is on the Android app but I recall iOS is similar

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Has HSBC introduced “pots” like what monzo has?

Yes and no.

Yes, you can create savings goals and create a savings account for each goal.

No, they’re nothing like pots really. In that you can’t have multiple of the same saving accounts and the functionality is no where near the same.

And dont forget everyones favourite kroo has pots as well

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Looks like the app and online banking issues went on well into yesterday evening. Nobody that I personally know who banks with HSBC was affected, though.

Printed myself a HSBC Logo on my 3D Printer


Just moving the conversation to here regarding HSBC HK Banking…

Update for everyone I sent some money from HSBC UK and from Monzo to the HSBC HK account.

It will arrive in HKD either in the HKD current account or HKD savings per your choosing when setting up FPS recipient.

It can then be transferred to GBP savings. It is yet to be determined how spending works… I will report once I receive the card and make transactions. The exchange rate is good but there will be a slight loss maybe a few pence (this will increase the more you convert, I just did for £20)

Interestingly, the payment via Monzo using Wise actually took less than 5 seconds to arrive but incurred a 63p charge for a £20 transfer.

The payment from HSBC Global Money was FREE however is still processing and will take up to 24 hours (it’s been about an hour so far)

Further, after calling HSBC UK customer service who actually did know the answer…it is possible to merge all HSBC Holdings accounts under Global View, however the service is primarily reserved for HSBC Premier customers, with Advance customers in the UK also having access to the service. As a reminder qualifying for Premier in either country will qualify you for Premier in every country.

In the UK, the requirement is either income based + product or savings/investments based.

In HK, it is based on total holdings of 1,000,000 HKD (about £100k) across ALL accounts. Upgrading to Premier is done via the app instantly and eligibility is fulfilled simply by transferring the sufficient balance into the account. You can then call HSBC in UK to upgrade to premier status

Could not be arsed with all of that just for the card. :joy:


I agree, at this point it’s just for the novelty

Wonder if they actually downgrade premier accounts lol, I opened one yesterday but they never asked for any proof or what have you like RBS did. I don’t plan on putting my pay into HSBC but they let me open it.

Definitely let me know about that one