How we manage mental health

What we do to support mental wellbeing at Monzo



I cannot commend Monzo enough for how they treat staff regarding Mental Health.

I’m one of our 45 Mental Health First Aiders and even though I’m remote I’ve helped a couple of people through some rough moments. It’s really nice to know that at whatever time of day, someone is there.


This is excellent stuff Monzo. Thank you.


Great work Monzo :+1:

FYI the link to download the poster doesn’t work.

Just came here to post the same! :eyes:

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@cookywook any chance of a fix? :innocent: Looks like a cool poster :sunglasses:

Oops, we were going to fix this today but didn’t get around to it. In the meantime, here’s the pdf.

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Is the post not working? I’m getting a “Page not found” from every link I’ve tried.

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Monzo rebuilt their blog a few weeks ago and quite a lot of the old blog links weren’t redirected for some reason so you might need to go in and have a hunt in the blog yourself

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Also getting this


Thanks! Was hoping it was more of the practical steps of how they manage it internally than from a customer PoV. But great stuff non-the-less!

I feel lots of orgs want to do more on mental health internally and want to support people but the practical stuff is lacking a little. I often get asked by my company “how can we help?”. For me, I don’t have the answer. They don’t (not through lack of good intentions). Would be good if Monzo could share some more internal examples - thanks for those already mentioned here and in the blog.

Found the actually article now (: didn’t realise it was back in Jan yep, duplicated date problem. Here is for other people looking for it…

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Just another reason why Monzo is the best bank. :bank: