How we put together our progression frameworks

Here’s how we approached the process of putting together our progression frameworks.


What’s really interesting is the difference between design and development. Development has really in-depth specs and understanding of what defines the different levels of developer, but design has barely any requirements at all. Do you know why there is such a large difference between the disciplines?

Great question @AdamSee, thanks a lot :hot_coral_heart:

I think the main reason why we have less granularity in the definitions (I wouldn’t call them “requirements”) for Design is a matter of numbers. We are less than 20 people in Design (this comprises Visual Design, Product Design and User Research) compared with more than 150 in engineering.

Design needs are different as we have to deal with more ambiguity and we’re still discovering the “universe of the problem”, meeting more designers and researchers and getting a clearer picture of what great looks like at each level. In essence, we’re less mature from a scaling point of view. Does that make sense?


Hi Hugo,

Thanks for explaining it. I’ll be keeping an eye on it to see how it develops over time. Be good to understand what determines a good designer from a not so good one.