How to use Monzo's API in a desktop interface?

Hi all,

This is for all my techie friends so I apologise if this thread isn’t in the correct place, I’m not really sure where it should be.

That being said, I’m aware that Monzo have their own native web interface and that is useful - I was always interested in developing a desktop interface but I’m unsure exactly how the OAuth2 will work since monzo requires a send off to their authentication page which needs to be handled by a redirect.

I’ve got my client code and secret - I would’ve just thought this would be good enough to send to monzo and then recieve a token which would allow me to make calls. All I want to do is make requests for my current balance in a desktop application using C# and the authentication bit is bugging me since I don’t really want to send off the user to monzo and then back again - or is this unavoidable?

I’ve checked the docs but I’m not exactly sure how to go about what I am intending to do, can anyone help?

Your app can register its own custom URL scheme like x-my-monzo-app://... and either use that as the redirect URI in the oAuth flow, or if impossible then redirect to a page on your website that then uses some Javascript to redirect to the custom URL scheme which will be picked up by your app.


You won’t be able to avoid the redirection to Monzo and back, that is how you will acquire an access token.