How to make your experience in the Monzo community 10x better

I promise you it’s not that hard to draw the line. No one user is more important than the community. If someone’s not here to make a positive contribution to Monzo & the community then surely they shouldn’t be here?

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I feel the same. What have I missed? Looks like someone is having a fun conversation with themselves :man_cartwheeling:

All joking aside, unsure why it’s a problem. No different than the block button on Facebook or Twitter.


I’m agog at this comment.


Make it easy then. Make a list of the users you want rid of, vote, and have Monzo get rid of them.

You seem upset by this but I’m not sure why? If you’re making a positive contribution, you have nothing to worry about :man_shrugging:


I love this feature. Came in the nick of time. I was mulling over just deleting my account so I didn’t need to read latent misogyny and racism from certain melts. Now the forum is a beach.


Why is this a thread about ignoring people who criticise Monzo? Why isn’t is just a thread about how best to ignore people who are abusive or have strongly different views than someone else? The ignore feature is a good feature and if people feel they need to use it great!

Personally, I believe in Monzo and I understand its vision. I will, however, hold Monzo to account if I feel they are going down the wrong path. Feel free to ignore me when I do.


It could be argued that for every person that unjustifiably criticises Monzo there is someone unjustifiably defending or supporting it. Neither of which are helpful.


It could..but that would be wrong.



I think I see why you’re nervous now :grin:

That kind of view is just as bad as those who you’re arguing to get rid of.

And i’m not nervous, just aware of where the path you’re suggesting leads for people, community, and company.


Who are you responding to? :rofl:


alexs obviously.

  1. I’m surprised Coral Crew can ignore people. How can you moderate if you don’t see them? :man_shrugging:t2:

  2. Er… if I can’t name 10 people who are supposedly known (actually can’t name even 1) does that mean… it’s me? :man_shrugging:t2:

This thread makes me feel somewhat uneasy. Feels un-Monzo to be highlighting it, with reference to apparent users who are perhaps reading this as well.


I agree with your thoughts on this.

TL3 is a ‘leader’ group and while they have more options to move things around, they aren’t moderators, they’re just normal users with a little extra trust, and a few more options. TL2 for example also have the ability by default (unless turned off) to do some forum tidying like moving topics, adding tags etc.

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I’ll take that as a over the head moment, or maybe not :grinning:

I’ve not ignored anyone. To much entertainment value to do that


This is a bad idea, and I’ll explain why I think so.

Online forums are a great place to find conversations with genuine viewpoint diversity. I see that a lot in these threads. People disagree on things, debate them, and it’s all done in the open where everyone sees the same conversation happening.

I suspect Monzo finds this useful as well, since they can get honest feedback from their supporters and critics.

There is a downside though. Because this is an open forum, you may be be subjected to arguments that are superior to yours. You might be offended. Because humans are married to their ideas, this can be painful. However the positives of an open forum outweigh these downsides most of the time, except in specific cases that can be defined as abuse according to the rules.

If you let people ignore specific users in an otherwise open thread, you give them a chance to completely bypass the downsides of being in an open conversation. But you also ruin the integrity of the conversation as a whole. I can no longer assume that we are looking at the same thing, since user A might have ignored user B.

My fear is that this tilts the forum more towards a place where people shout into a void instead of trying to engage in the difficult process of having an honest conversation.


Just to bring this back - whether you want to use the feature or not, there is an ignore feature within Discourse.

It could just be that you find someone annoying, or get irritated by someone or simply find someone boring. That’s OK! Perhaps that way, it would help to avoid an escalation or argument. You can ignore someone for as little as ‘until later today’.

It’s not for everyone. For disclosure, yes, I have users on my ignore list - for a different manner of reasons. I can do this because there is good number of Coral Crew, and we’re not actually moderators either.


I’d see this as a positive challenge. If you’re worried about being Ignored then ask yourself you can get involved in these debates without upsetting people or being so relentlessly negative that it makes people want to Ignore you? Most people here won’t find that hard, hopefully the ones who do will take the opportunity for self reflection.

As for whether this feature is bad in general, the makers of this platform are building a service for thousands of communities. Clearly they saw a need for this feature so if it’s managed properly by the team, it shouldn’t cause issues. This should be a temporary fix for a user’s problem, until the team can step in.