How to cancel a bill split?

I see Simon says this I now implemented

But how do you do this? If I open up a shared payment I can’t edit it or cancel it.

I’ve asked support but they told me it’s not possible.


I’ve not had the ability to try this yet but as long as you’re on the latest app version, you should be able to cancel a pending bill split :sunglasses:

Head to the transaction screen, you should see the people you’re trying to split the bill with and, underneath, a red cancel button :grin:

Let me retract that statement :see_no_evil:

I believe this is still an A/B test! I don’t have the ability to cancel a bill split (by default) but with some fiddling, I was able to test the flow :blush:




I’ve been wondering this as well. I can’t see a way of doing it (iOS 2.43)

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For once I don’t get the point of this not being released to everyone on the beta.


I also do not have this but could do with it :wink:

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iOS 2.43 also unable to cancel bill split.

Thread closure felt a bit premature…


I think the functionality for iOS might be in the next TestFlight release

I’m on Android fwiw

So support spoke with a specialist and there is a bug which means the feature does not work.

Good to see it was tested! :clap:

Fixed in next update apparently :slightly_smiling_face:

New TestFlight just out 2.44

Still no way I can find to cancel a bill split :sob:

It was working on the prev TestFlight. (I know from doing so myself)

Simply go to the share tab within payments… tap on the pending bill split shown and tap decline.

but this is you declining a bill split someone sent you? Not the sender editing or cancelling the bill split.


Ahh ok just seen cancel and assumed my bad :grimacing:

@simonb given you closed a previous thread asking for this on the basis that it had been implemented…

Care to give us an update on this quite clearly not implemented feature?


He’s on holiday:

Ahhhh. Fair enough. Thanks

Just installed latest update but it still doesn’t seem to be working. Contacting support again.

Struggling to get an answer at the moment. It went to a specialist where they asked for the same screenshot I provided last time, then they closed the chat. Opened another support chat now to try and move things along.


Just tried this on Android and it works a charm! Opening a payment that you’ve split, there’s a new “edit” button with an option to cancel it.

Really helpful, as there’s a payment I accidentally split when I meant to add it to a shared tab. Now I can cancel the split and put it in the shared tab like I intended.

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