How to automate your financial life with Monzo

Here’s some handy tips to help you take the stress out of managing your finances using Monzo!


This is all great and stuff I currently use! This may be a feature that already exists that I haven’t found, but it would be great if I could schedule payments from pots intro my main pot according to a date trigger (rather than an event).

This would address issues my specific use case of being paid weeks before my rent falls due, so I squirrel away money on pay day so I don’t spend it during the month and then have to remember to manually transfer back. May have some useful use cases for others?

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:soon: :tm:

you can with IFTTT - I have £500 (choose an amount ) put into my main account on the first of the month (choose a date ) from my “spare” (choose a pot ) pot
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Well that’s solved that then, gonna save me a headache every month - cheers Ian!

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Scheduling money from pots has now launched natively in the app too.

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For YNAB users I really like this tool: - automatically syncs transactions from Monzo there.