How Stressful Is Moving House?

HI guys. It’s my first time moving house ( on my own ) and wanted to know any tips for looking for a new place and moving etc ?
I have a care company and supportive family which will be helping me during this process.

My only concern is finding an apartment with a bedroom big enough for two medium sized tvs ( one for PC and one for TV )

I don’t want to move but unfortunately the landlord has sold the property so i have to move.



I always enjoy moving house! I find it exciting, other than the costs.

Finding a place depends where you are. SpareRoom, Rightmove, MoveFlat are the usual websites I’d recommend.

For moving there are loads of tips but…

  • order boxes a week or two in advance. Start packing maybe a week in advance. Too far earlier and they’re just in the way. Too close to the day and you’ll find it stressful. Leave all the stuff you’ll need until the very last, so clothes and toiletries. you can throw them into bags or boxes at the very end
  • right now start making a list of everything you get mail for which you’ll need to update. Tesco club card, all your bank accounts, magazine subscriptions etc, then when it’s close to moving day you can do them all at once
  • Try to hire a man & van, or friends/family to help on the day, and make sure whoever it is is ready & willing to move boxes from van into your new room
  • If it’s a room rather than a whole flat, make sure you know if bills are included, or what they should be, including the internet and you get the wifi code asap!
  • As soon as you get there, take pics of the place, and note down any issues - stains on the carpet, marks on the walls, no matter how small. You don’t want them holding these against you when you leave and removing it from your deposit. Speaking of deposit, landlords are legally obligated to store these in a protected scheme, and you should get details of this within a few weeks. Make sure they do this. Not only does it protect your money during the tenancy, when you leave if they do want to make deductions, they have to be reasonable

That’s all from the top of my head, I’m sure there’ll be plenty more!


Also, use Royal Mail to get any post redirected.


I agree it can be exciting, but it can be stressful too. Only just managed to make this place my own home after 2 long years and now i have to move ! Oh well that is life I suppose.

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When we lived in rented accommodation and had to move, we always ensured there was at least a week ‘overlap’ between properties to allow us to move things in our own time (especially since we had a cat) and not have to try and rush things all in one day (including scheduling a cleaner for the ‘end of lease’ clean).

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I moved house on my own three times in four years which was immensely stressful trying to move and pack suitcases right before I fly every year but I wouldn’t be worried if I were you. It sounds like you have excellent family and a care company for support which should alleviate any stress.

I think @caspararemi has excellent tips (and actually sounds like he enjoys it, an absolute unicorn! I never would have thought anyone liked it) that I can’t top. Would defo stress the importance of starting early and just leaving out the essentials instead of leaving it to the last day. Also take pictures of the condition of the house and any damage so you don’t get charged for an existing problem later on and lose your deposit.


To add to the ‘pack things up early’ tip, I’d add this - ask yourself “Do I really want to pack this up again?”

Especially if you’ve done a couple of moves already and you realise you’ve never unpacked and made use of something in the meantime, it’s a good opportunity to winnow down some of the things you own instead of continually lugging them around after you.


Found a lovely apartment however it requires a " block viewing " which i have been invited for.
Any advice on how this works etc ?
Is there any point in going ? They’re hardly gonna give me an agreement as im a young unemployed male

I’ve been to a block viewing before - basically I just turned up to view the apartment and there were a few other people there viewing at the same time. Don’t let them rush you though, you should still be able to look at each room yourself in your own time.

Provided you can pass a referencing/affordability check you might be OK. I guess some landlords may prefer to rent to a single person than a young family, but it could also go the other way I suppose.

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Didn’t get the block viewing one unfortunately

Do most properties have a pre-fitted fridge if they show it in the pictures ?

My current fridge wouldnt fit in some of the properties ive seen online

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Depends if it says fully furnished or not. the listing should provide a list of furniture and if not you can always ask what comes included in the price.

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Thanks !
I will probably buy a new fridge if i had to.

Seeing another property tomorrow ( second one now ) and hopefully i get a tenancy offer, would like to move before xmas.

Do most apartments have the phone connection in the living room ? This is important for me to hardwire my equipment and not over wifi. I know homeplugs are an option but i heard they can be hit and miss, so would rather play it safe and use hard wired as i do lots of streaming it needs to be a stable line

Phone socket locations can vary massively so it’s certainly not a given that it’ll be in the living room.

Fair enough, may have to consider homeplugs then, are they reliable for streaming TV, ie netflix, prime and so on ?

Yeah I have them going from my living room to my loft and get just about full Ethernet speed. Don’t underspend on them though. You can get really crappy cheap ones!

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To those who know about renting:
How long on average does it take to find a place and be offered a tenancy ?

First viewing : was a block viewing and we didnt hear back
Second viewing : The estate agent didn’t know how to get in the premisis
Third viewing ( today ) : Was lovely inside and has one other person interested
Fourth viewing ( next monday ) : Looks lovely too.

This is all in the space of 3-4 weeks

We’ve recently moved from London to Twells. It was quite an endeavour and I second all these points. :clap::clap:

Hi guys, does " Let Agreed " mean a tenancy has been offered to somebody ?

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It generally (in my experience) means someone has paid the holding fee to “take the property off the market” while they go through the referencing checks etc. Provided they all pass the property will be theirs.

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ive asked around and im getting conflicting advice.

Im moving soon, and want to take my BT fibre with me. How does this affect my contract and my discount ( which both expire next year in the summer ), do i need a new contract or will it carry over ?