How Stressful Is Moving House?

In that case I’d probably give the estate agent a quick call/email and double check.

If your new place has fibre available then you should be able to transfer your contract with BT to the new address. But again, it’s probably best to contact BT once you know where you’ll be moving to.

I’m moving myself next week, so feel free to DM me with any questions and I’ll do my best to help.

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Anything useful here?

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Save all your newspapers for a few weeks to use as packing paper, and every time you go to the supermarket, ask them for some boxes. You need to ask people who are stacking shelves because if they need to look out the back, they will already have been crushed. If you don’t buy papers, just use free ones. The only boxes you need to buy are the wardrobe ones which are AWESOME.

Always make sure the kettle is accessible, and always make sure there’s at least one chair each that hasn’t got a pile of stuff on it, so collapsing into it can be done quickly.

In my experience, the biggest stress is when you’re in a chain and no-one seems able to pick a date. Also stressful when the banks and lawyers seem unable to do everything on one day. Last time I moved house, I was in a chain of six with seven lawyers. We were number 2, and couldn’t move in until 2pm. I’m convinced some of the later ones would have ended up in hotels.

Now we’re moving again. Anyone want a 4-bed semi in New Malden? DM me if interested :wink:

Aparrently the estate agents/landlord are doing " financial checks " does this mean we have a chance of getting the property ? Got to be the worst time to move, christmas lol. thanks

Yeah we got our arm twisted into moving the week before Christmas, we literally put our decorated tree in the van, moved everything to the new house, had one night there then left to visit family for Christmas for a week with everything still in boxes haha

Would not recommend if avoidable :stuck_out_tongue:

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not avoidable unfortunately, tenancy expires next month

Finally got somewhere ! I move in next month :smiley:


Great news :boom: :clap:

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Hi guys
The estate agent want me to get content insurance before i move in, is this quick to do online ?


Have a read - It’s pretty simple to do online.

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Cool thank you.

got a load of boxes from tesco, ready to move !

Got some TV boxes and bubble wrap too, from Argos


Finally moved ! it only took an hour or so to transfer everything


Time for a cup of tea then :grin:

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