How much does a dog cost?

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Can you put a price on love?

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You should expect to pay between £10 and £40 a month on food and treats, depending on the size of your pooch.

For a Chihuahua maybe!

Also, on the insurance side, might be worth explaining about “existing conditions”, and how most insurers won’t cover them.

Pet insurance companies are the devil…

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£10 and £40 a month :roll_eyes::joy:

Clearly the good people of Monzo don’t have dogs or have been taking too many happy clappy pills today. I’m not sure Tesco Value dog food and treats would even get you in that range for anything other than the smallest dog who is not a fan of eating…

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We have a Chihuahua (and a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix) and together they’ve got through 1 tray of 18 packets of dog food in about 92 days (according to Amazon order history) at £29 for the tray and around a bag of dried biscuits (£23) in that time. So around £8 per month for food each.

Insurance works out at £13.51 each (one is cheaper as getting comprehensive cover for her heart condition as an elderly dog would be too high). Add £15 month vet cover and we have £36.51 per dog…Of course, the elderly dog has medication for her dicky ticker at £41.62 per month so that’s pushed the average up to £57.32.


I reckon I feed my dog (Collie/Lurcher cross) for about £30 per month. I don’t factor in the rabbits she catches. Vets bills about £50 - £80 per annum for jabs. No insurance, she’s a cross breed and they are great at fixing minor injuries with no treatment. If it was a major thing - nite nite. R-

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Hi. I purchased a beautiful Irish Terrier last year and love him to bits but he’s MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE than I thought:
Purchase Price £1050
Vets in the past year £400
Dog Food (guilty of spending a bit too much on this) - £60 a month
Insurance (3rd party is important in case he bites someone) - £450
But the real surprise… £30 a night for boarding when we went on summer holidays - not even prepared to write the number down.
My wife went back to work so we have a dog walker every day after I give him a long walk in the morning. (he’s alone for about 2 hours, walk, 2 hours, so not too bad). That’s £10 a day.
Doggy training - £250

My family love him, he brings us enormous joy every day and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Also, we do a LOT less on the weekend and that has saved us a lot. I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just that a walk in Greenwich Park is an end in itself. He’s @hectortheirishterrier on Instagram and, cheekily, he’s also the first dog you find for Irish Terrier on Wikipedia and Google! There you can see what a massively indulgent dog dad I became.


This Guy…my 8 month old Lab “Puppy” currently costs £23.49 to feed per month. His healthcare is £15.50 a month as I use Pet Health Club which covers his vaccinations and flea/worming tablets and other general stuff that gets done in the first year. His Pet Insurance is currently £37 a month.


I should have bought a Chihuahua then! :joy:

My dog gets through an 11KG bag of Acana dog food each month costing around £75 - Not to mention the little treats here and there…

Insurance is now almost £80 per month because of an ongoing grass allergy (I know… :roll_eyes:)

So yeah… More expensive than I thought, and I had done a ton of research before hand!

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Something that has amazed me is the cost of “designer breeds” that used to be know as mutts :joy: you used to give them away or maybe pay £50 for a lovely mixed breed where as now most people have given them a fancy mixed-breed name and want over £1000 for it.

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Also your insurance is invalid if the dogs aren’t up to date with their vaccinations - even by a day (and then the vets make you pay for a starter and booster again!) - it’s a bit of a money making scheme but pet insurance is so important when something goes wrong in later life.


We are in the process of adopting a puppy who’s a mongrel. A friend mentioned he was “expensive for a mixed breed”. She forgot that all these Designer Dogs are essentially mongrels that people have given a fancy name to so they can charge an extra £1000

(He’s £400 and that include jabs, chipping, pet passport and flights and everything else we’d pay for separately).

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How could you put a price on such a cute face