How much do you spend on your pets 🐶🐱🐹🐰

(Mark Dunne) #1

Just out of curiosity, how much do you pet lovers spend on your furry friends each month?

I’ve been trying to work it out and with insurance, food, treats, toys, grooming etc and I must be spending over £100.00 for two dogs :grimacing:

(Jack) #2

I’m sure they’re worth it though :dog:

When I had a dog I reckon we spent no more than £35 month on food and treats. I’d probably add another £5-£10 a month for any additional stuff like toys and bedding etc (averaged out).
He never had insurance etc. He also didn’t need grooming.


Cats are usually cheap!

£10 a month to cover her wormer, flea and annual vaccinations
£8 a month for pet insurance
£9 a month for litter
£4 a month for food
£5 a month in toys and treats


I spend like 130 a month for three cats. All indoor and all with varying problems and diets. It really puts the price up but definitely worth it.


Spend more on them, than myself… We eat baked beans on toast, they end up with the finest! haha

My own fault for having so many cats and dogs!

(Andy Little) #6

Depends on the pets. We have two snakes and a gecko. The initial cost for the enclosures, thermostats etc were probably a few hundred.

The ongoing monthly costs are dirt cheap. We can feed all 3 for several months on about £40. The are a coupe of other consumables, plus electricity for keeping the right temperatures.

At a guess, I’d say (very roughly) £10 - £15 / month.


Jiggs is on special diet with vets so £50 a month for his food from vets.

(Cheryl) #8

Not a whole lot. The budgie gets by on waste bits of fruit and vegetables from what we have left over, along with a £3 bag of seed, and that’ll get him through the month.

The tortoise is also quite cheap. In summer he doesn’t cost a penny, just wanders around outside eating whatever he finds and again, we’ll occasionally throw some leftovers out to him. In winter we’ve always had to buy the greens for him. £10 a month I’d say. This year I think I’m going to let him go into brumation for the first time, which means all of the equipment and electricity necessary to keep him cold. I’ve noticed a distinct different psychologically when he’s indoors in winter, since he was old enough to start spending the entire summer outside. You can see that he’s feeling trapped in the winter, bored, so I’m taking the risk on letting him sleep through the winter from now on.

(Ian Lyon) #9

I spend £100 a month on food, probably £10 on treats, £20 on insurance and on average probably £15 on toys (he has plenty as is!).

Worth every penny.

(Andy) #10

I have an African Grey 12KG bag of food around £20 can last up to 6 months cage floor is Free just collect old news paper from friends and family fruit and veg is around £15 a month and the odd bag of her favourite nut is around £3 a go then I have 2 budgies breeding pair dirt cheap but costs will soon be going up when I go and collect my breeding pair of African Grey had to build a shed and flight for them

(Jack) #11

What cat food do you use? I have two outdoor cats and they eat (mostly) Gourmet which is about £38 a month plus we have dry food out all the time which is about £12 per two months.

I wonder if it’s good enough quality food though since a few people are talking about higher food costs than me…

(#savetheseabass) #12

I buy a £7 box of cat food pouches £2 dry food and lasts about 10 days :woman_shrugging:


About 5 billion pounds on one dog…

Well… That’s what it would be if my wife had her way - As it is, it’s about £180 per month on one dog.

(Ian Lyon) #14

Ah, I should have specified! I actually have a dog :dog:

His food comes from Butternut Box!

(Jack) #15

Ahh, my mistake!

(Mark Dunne) #16

What does he eat? Fillet steak? :joy::joy:


Amongst other things :joy::joy:

We’ve just moved him onto a Hypoallergenic diet, which has actually brought the cost down to £50 per month on food (previously £75 for ACANA food).

The rest is insurance, treats, toys, reindeer horn (if you have a chewer, this is a must!)


My cat only gets dry food (on vets advice) - usually buy the £20 Purina one bag on amazon subscribe and save which lasts about 6 months

(Mark Dunne) #19

I’ve heard of giving them reindeer horns to chew, does this work? Percy our puppy is a major chewer (9 pairs of shoes, sofa, coffee table, bed frame etc…)


He absolutely loves it! They aren’t cheap, but certainly cheaper than tables, slippers and anything else he goes through!

I gave it to him from a young age, so he got used to chewing on that (they can eat it as well, and it cleans their teeth!)