How much can you withdraw from an ATM?

This is a curious article. I appreciate it is likely just filler for SEO purposes. But it is basically listing banks which provide higher limits than yourselves whilst also saying with Monzo you can only use Mastercard ATMs. It doesn’t seem like a very positive article which would encourage anyone to sign up.

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There seems to be no point to this article… what is it trying to achieve?

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SEO ranking and other traffic generating purposes. It doesn’t matter to much if the blog posts themselves are a bit hollow or pointless.

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@kieranmch also mentioned the other day on here that they get some what we may consider very simple questions dozens if not hundreds of times a day and it is useful to have an existing link to point them at

But then it makes less sense to list your competitors who offer more than you do.

The comment I thought of:

Never found Monzo to be that worried about telling us that there might be better offers elsewhere if you work at it



The article is factually wrong in that I can withdraw £1000/day on both my HSBC and Santander debit cards… i.e Barclays are not the only bank to have higher limits for some types of account than others.

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Curious article - I suspect information the author has used is from each banks own website.
My wife has a Natwest account and her ATM level is £1000.

Withdraw up to £1,000 a day


If you would like a higher withdrawal limit, please contact us to amend it.

This is wrong for Barclays too. The default may be £300 but you can change it directly in the app to a max of £500 or for that matter reduce it too.


That’s for the Premier account though, which I and most other people are not eligible for

The Advance account I have is £500

And the normal account is £300 a day:

The point is consistency, they have listed them in such a random way and sometimes including multiple. If you’re going to say:

Barclays (if you’re a personal customer with a current account), your daily limit on a debit card is only up to a maximum amount of £300. For premier customers with Barclays, you can withdraw up to £1,000


… HSBC, your maximum limit is up to £300 a day.

Then it should be:

HSBC maximum limit is up to £300 a day. For premier customers with HSBC, you can withdraw up to £1,000.


Even that is wrong as pointed out above that you can change it to £500.

The article is such a mess basically. Deal with one bank at time not join them in sentences.

Just have a table for comparing data much easier to process and feels less like I’m just about to sit a test.

Name Limit Notes
Barclays Personal £300 can be increased to £500 in app
Barclays Premier £1000
HSBC Bank Account £300
HSBC Advance Account £500
HSBC Premier Account £1000



Also whilst I’m picking it apart

You can withdraw up to £200 without being charged while you’re abroad and after that a 3% charge is applied.

Should be edited for clarity:

You can withdraw up to £200 over 30 days without being charged while you’re abroad and after that a 3% charge is applied.

Otherwise people might assume it’s a daily limit as it sounds more reasonable than just £200 over a whole month.

:man_shrugging: huh why am I being charged 3% today! We only landed yesterday and I only took out £200.
:tipping_hand_woman: you’re using your Monzo right?
:frowning_man: yes, why?
:frowning_woman: that’s £200 limit is for the whole month, the rest of the holiday you’re going to be given Monzo 3% when you take money out
:no_good_man: noway that can’t be right
:tipping_hand_woman: you should have gone with Starling that’s £300 every day for free
:man_facepalming: fuckk.

It’s intended to be read by search engines. :wink:

The way it’s worded at the moment suggests it’s a limit per foreign trip which is even more bizarre than daily! (I can’t see a daily interpretation from that wording, personally.)

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This blog is a bit misleading if you have access to an non-GBP ATM in the UK, e.g. in London Underground stations.

“All UK cash withdrawals and payments are free of charge and the daily ATM withdrawal limit is £400 in the UK.”

Withdrawal of cash (EUR) in the UK may still incur fees.

Hey - thank you for pointing this out! The £300 limit is for an HSBC Bank account but I have now added in the other HSBC accounts with higher limits e.g. HSBC Premier and HSBC Jade.

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