How long is the waiting list

hello i just got the monzo app on my iphone and i signed in and i have been stuck on the “your on the waiting list hold tight” for about a hour i this normal or is it some type of glitch and if so is there a way to fix it ?

What account have you signed up for? Are you US?

Sounds like you’re in the US. Try the US specific sub-forum.

There may have been a forum field added for US-based customers. Clicking/tapping on the user icon now gives the location, in this case, @demonicgaming is shown with “Monzo Account Location: USA”

(Mine still shows I’m everywhere rather than in the UK though, so maybe only for US-based members?)

So there is. Well spotted.

In that case US accounts haven’t been launched yet. They are coming soon. I’ll recategorise your topic too.

Edit. Dammit @Feathers :joy:


Accounts are only just launching in the US so a waiting list is normal. I don’t know that they’ve actually given out any real, physical cards yet.


It’s also worth noting that the first bunch of cards will be given out in-person at events. The event locations will be dependent on the popularity of the locations of people signing up to the waiting list.

There are currently just over 8,100 people on the US waiting list at the moment.

Shortly after that you’ll get cards in the mail as normal.

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Indeed there is a new field. In your user profile you can now select where your ‘Monzo Account Location’ is; UK, USA or ‘Other’

I guess once the USA has launched, the next target will be ‘other’ places…

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I added that new field a couple of days ago in our backend. It’s also possible to make it mandatory upon sign-up, but I’ve not enabled that yet :slight_smile:

Figured it might help with troubleshooting.