How long does it take for money to arrive into my monzo account

I have transferred a large sum from my nationwide card and it has been taken out of my account but it hasn’t arrived into my monzo account yet. How long does it take to arrive

It can vary. Usually instant, but can sometimes take several hours. This is the same as any bank.

Did you definitely get your account number and sort code correct?

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Don’t panic the guy :rofl:

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If it is a large sum, may I suggest when it arrives, you do not move it out anywhere quickly, or you’ll be back on the forum again!

When did you send it?

Faster Payments can be instant, minutes, or a few hours. Though the scheme only commits to end of next business day.

Hope it arrives OK.

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If you’ve read that Monzo payments are instant this only Monzo to Monzo by the way.

Define large.



It’s just down to the fraud checks that can happen at either end… some banks do them all the time, some rarely. If it’s not arrived within a day contact the sending bank.

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