How do you stop your dog being stolen?

Lock me @coralcrew

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Keep it on the lead and pay attention.

No riding on bikes, no chatting on the phone or checking social media, no listening to music. That way you’ll be fully aware of your environment.


Don’t give it any valuables.


Use protection.

Walk it around your lounge.

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Fight them

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Thanks for the responses however I think I was misunderstood.

I mean during a walk such as a chav pulls a knife out in a park which is happening daily due to lockdown and them having nothing else to steal. Less than a hour away from my location a warehouse was found with over 71 stolen dogs

Aside from secretly being Bruce Lee or having access to a personal force field, if presented with a person holding a knife I’d just give up the dog personally. Same as I would if they had a knife and wanted my walkman.

(other listening devices are available)


You have three choices; fight them, hand it over or run.

Wear a stab vest and hire a body guard.

You can legally defend yourself if it’s condemned as they’re no other ways to escape (I ain’t a lawyer and I’m not saying this is legal as it’s up to the court) but you can do anything use you to defend if it’s condemned as needed and you couldn’t run.

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I am the law!
– Judge Dredd

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Take your dog to a qualified professional for some training.

There are a few ex-police dog trainers around here that teach your dog obedience and controlled aggression to protect you and your family as well as itself.

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You’ve clearly never owned a dog,

I’d fight to the death and beat the shit out of anyone that even tried something.


Couldn’t agree more. I’d do whatever I could to protect them. With a cool head giving the dog away may be the most sensible thing but then it likely would also be if it was a child and I doubt many people would just hand their child over in a situation like that. Your impulse is to protect.


Exactly! I probably care more about my animals than I do myself

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I’m starting to think you don’t have a law degree.


The best advice is to not be in the place robberies happen at the time they happen.

So walk your dog when it’s busy, and walk with others. You could start a dog walking group, COVID restrictions permitting.

Keep attentive. Look out for unsavoury looking individuals and avoid them.

I don’t recommend self defence, unless you know what you are doing.

  1. Microchip it. It’s the law. Microchips are helpful with reuniting stolen dogs with owners.
  2. Microchips don’t work on their own. Use Petlog and their competing services. Sign up for as many as you can, different vets will subscribe to different ones. Report your dog stolen to these services, and should they ever be scanned by a vet in the U.K., it’ll notify them.
  3. Have a tag on their harness or collar. Include your name, house number and postcode, and your phone number. Nothing else. This is also the law, and will likely be the thing that reunites them with you should you lose them and someone finds them.
  4. GPS tracker. The most discrete one you can find.
  5. Don’t be a hero. It can be better to be nimbly reactive than proactive if the safety of you or your pet is at risk.
  6. If your phone has an SOS function, use it. It can be activated discretely. If they take it off you, that can be tracked too.
  7. If your phone doesn’t have SOS, start recording audio, then lock it.

Edit: and as antichrist says above, don’t walk alone. There’s insurmountable safety in numbers, that your odds of being targeted will reduce so significantly that it’s almost 0.


That is the best post! For additional protection, Also a Monzo premium card