How do you plan your Xmas shopping? 🎁

Do you have a system? How do you keep track of it?

For the last few years, I’ve used a Trello board, with the following boards.


I start by entering the names of all the people I’m buying presents for in the People board. Then, when I’ve had an idea or multiple ideas of what to get them, I add it in the title and description of that card and move the card to the “Ideas” listed. Then to “Bought”, “Wrapped” and finally “Given”.

This system has worked well for the last few years, and as I can view the previous boards, I can make sure I’m not buying someone something I’ve given them before :see_no_evil:

Right now I’ve got 4 people in the “Bought” board, another two in the “Ideas” board… and way too many still in the “People” board so I’ve clearly got some brainstorming to do!

What’s your system?


Amazon wishlist for each person.

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That’s a million times more organised than my Christmas shopping :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t really think I have a strategy or system :thinking: If I think of an idea way before / after Xmas I’ll drop the item into an Amazon wishlist and closer to the time I’ll buy it (unless I’ve come up with something better already), it’s really hard to buy for some people - doesn’t help when they don’t know what they want :smirk:

I’m liking the sound of a Trello board for gifts :eyes: might need to borrow that idea for Xmas 2019 :wink:

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I have no form of organisation in my life. I kind of know in advance or walk around a shop till something grabs at me.




I’ve my Christmas :christmas_tree: broken down into priorities:

Partner - get her stuff before everyone else as we fly home separately so open presents before then (bold I know.) We’ve a system that involves a budget £100-150 this year and not allow exceed or there is a forfeit. Usually get some sort of activity such as a show or event, something useful, something not useful and then books plus/or music.

Family - Can’t carry too much home so either vouchers, again tickets for events or pay for a nice dinner with the whole family. Also the stable of books as we’re a big reading family.

Friends - Only have a few friends that we exchange presents with but more often than not we’ll pool together and host a christmas dinner with lots of booze and food that descends into a day of boardgames.

The last thing I’ve been making sure to do is donate something to charity… Been doing so for the last three years to a homeless charity (don’t want to name as not sure if it’s against the guidelines) which acts as a little present to myself.

Aside from that I’ve no defined “structure” to how I go about getting the presents but have fun and go a bit weird more often than not.

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Classic pen and paper for me! :neutral_face:

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I don’t honestly, just sort of do it in dribs and drabs. Sometimes order them all in one day, sometimes over a few weeks

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I make agreements with all adults (except for my mother, who I always buy for) that we don’t buy presents for each other and instead ensure that we spend some form of time with one another over Xmas, whether it be a games night or a drink at the pub.

In September, I will sit down with my wife and we will make a list of what our children want for Christmas and then what to get them.

We will then keep an eye out for said things and buy as they come along and cross them off the list. (Black Friday used to be a good time to get stuff, not this year though!)

We keep tabs on our spends and after Xmas is done if one has paid more than the other, including food, the other half reimburse to make it evens.

Usually means that all presents are bought by December, which can then be spent wrapping presents, drinking Wine/Amaretto/Jack Daniels/Gin/Winter Cider and watching excellent Christmas films like Muppet’s Christmas Carol and Love Actually :slight_smile:

Has led to stress-free(ish) Christmas’ for the last few years.

I’m exhausted just reading that!

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My system is simple :sunglasses:



@simonb has a very sophisticated system for choosing and buying Christmas presents.

I just go to Asda and do it all in one go.

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I use Google Sheets and list everyone I’m buying for, adding presents that I’ve bought or am planning on buying. A couple of checkboxes on each line - one ticked when I’ve ordered something, the second ticked when it arrives. That way I can see what ideas I have, what’s on its way and what’s been delivered. Totals by person and overall.