Community Roundup - 1/6/18

(Richard Cook) #1

Hey everyone :wave:

So much happens here on the Community, and we don’t want you to miss a thing :heart_eyes:

That’s why we bring you a roundup of the best content from across the forum. So here’s the good stuff you need to check out:

  • Our Community Q&A this week was done by @daniel from the Fincrime & Security team.
  • We published a series of blog posts on financial inclusion. Give them a read, then let us know what else we could be doing to help everyone have fair access to financial services.
  • We passed 700,000 current account holders! And held a cat gif party to celebrate.
  • Don’t forget to keep following along on what we’re up to over at @MakingMonzo. We’ve got lots of exciting news about joint accounts coming soon.

And just for fun:

Here’s a thread about KitKats.

See you next week!