How do Trust Levels Work?

How does Trust Levels work on the Forum, do they go up and down?

I’m only asking because I keep bouncing between Level 2 and Level 3 :sweat_smile:

Yes they go up and down.

It depends on the quality of content you post and activity.

Read the differences between each level below, but bear in mind that Monzo might have tweaked them and they’ve certainly added new ones such as Coral Crew.


Thanks for that

TIL I spend too much time reading stuff on here.


I used to spend a lot of time on Reddit, the Monzo Community is honestly a much better place to be reading through IMO


I prefer to read the Mono community vs Reddit

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Reddit has become a very volatile place since it became popular

Agreed, some of the smaller communities are okay though

Agreed, Monzo has a nice small community on reddit, the other thing thats fustrating with Reddit is that the auto-mods delete all your threads unless they are correctly “flaired” and have “relevancy”. You cant really have big discussions on the bigger communities

Agreed again - this community could do with some volunteer mods, same with the facebook pages for post approval specifically

All the Coral Crew are in charge of moderating this community, if you flag a post it does get looked at pretty quickly, I don’t think volunteer mods would be an option considering its a community for a Bank and not ran by the community if that makes sense,

However, as you gain trust level you start to get more actions or powers from what i read on the link above, I used to be Level 3 but now i dropped down to Level 2 :frowning:

Edit: Coral Crew are Volunteer Mods


The Coral Crew are volunteer mods. They’re not paid anything by Monzo.


Oh, that i did not know, thanks for correcting me on that @HoldenCarver

Quick question for you, do you get any extra powers in the Community with the Crowdfunding Investor tag?

Oh, that’s what that little icon is on my profile - i’m a level 3 :slight_smile: - probably going to be dropping to level 2 though, lmao

Doesn’t seem like there’s any T4’s here as that requires manual promotion by staff

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No. Just the tag.

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Everyone is awfully nice to them because next year, Rodney, they are going to be millionaires.


Trust Level 4 is the Coral Crew, basically?
And Monzo Staff.

Unless I am wrong on that!


Level 4 is Coral Crew, you are correct.

After Level 1 (Noob), you become:
Level 2 - Member. After more interraction, you are boosted to:
Level 3 - Regular. And if you’re not regular (!) enough, you drop to Level 2
Level 4 - Leader (or Coral Crew on this forum)


That’s what I thought, and a nice summary.
Thanks for confirming!

I have had a Monzo account since 2016 but, for a long time, I resisted joining the community as I felt sure that I would quickly get addicted to checking it and posting and therefore waste too much time! Eventually, of course, I did cave in and while I do enjoy getting involved I am, true to form and as suspected, at Trust Level 3.

I take that as something to be proud of, but it does also show how much time I must be spending here!

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PS: You forgot Level 0: totally new user

I suppose you could say ultra-noob?