How do mileage apps work?

Got an excellent free one for my iPhone which calculates distance travelled etc. My question is, how does it do this ? I even tried in flight mode which disables networking and gps etc but it still works ? :pray: thanks

I’ve tried that mate but it says it uses gps even when it’s off ?

Airplane mode doesn’t disable GPS.

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Ah right
So would it be using my data still then ?

What do you think

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No. GPS doesn’t use data.

What will use data is certain things that are closely related to GPS, such as loading map information.


No idea that’s why I’m asking :man_shrugging:t3:

Mods already told people if they don’t like my post then don’t comment . And I’m not doing any harm by asking questions :+1:t4:


What harm does it do for someone to use the forum to ask questions? :man_shrugging:


Sure, those are valid observations of his posting history, but you’ve not answered my question…

What harm does it do for someone to use the forum to ask questions?


Don’t like my post then don’t reply? Not that difficult :thinking:

Google doesn’t always yield the best or most accurate results, and in a world of fake info with zero moderation it can sometimes lead you to the wrong info.

I personally view the Monzo community as a more diluted version of reddit full of techies, who likely have the knowledge to help him given the nature of his questions.

Just to remind everyone from another thread belonging to this user:

Unfortunately @Venomx I’m not equipped with the knowledge to help you answer this one, but if you’re having some issues trying to find the information you need on Google I’d recommend affixing reddit to the end of your search term. You’ll likely find communities and threads similar to the Monzo community here that have already discussed and answered your question. It may also be worth asking in relative subreddits too, since you’ll be more likely to receive more pleasant and helpful replies.


Thanks dude :+1:t4:

That’s a dangerous game to play.

Many people have tried asking nicely to be more considerate as they can’t block you, but you’re still wanting to be selfish. If you continue, sooner or later you’re going to alienate yourself and you’ll then have nowhere to ask your random questions.

There’s a happy compromise somewhere in all of this.


Again, you’re not reading my post, it seems you’re just going a bit far with your own take on things. If you don’t appreciate his posts, why don’t you mute him, then you won’t have your own experience of the forum detrimented.

Additionally, I’d like to answer my own question for you – there is literally zero harm in him using the forum to ask questions.

There are so many things that people don’t know about others online that they jump to conclusions on others etc. If he wants to ask a question a day, or two a day that he could have Googled, then fine. I just feel sorry that everyone keeps jumping on him for asking questions instead of just providing him with an answer and how they arrived at that answer.

In the current time in the world, people use online for an escape, no need to make their online lives as bad as their real-world lives.

Just be kind :man_shrugging:


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I’m going to leave this thread locked for the time being.

It’s disappointing that within 20 minutes of a thread being created there’s been so many unhelpful responses.

I’ve pointed the mods at the thread so they can take a look.


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Thanks dude well said
That’s what I’ve been trying to say but some people seem persistent on criticising my threads but I just ignore them anyway :+1:t4:

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