How do I see my Bank & Pots on the computer. Web Browser


Can you please help me with this. I know you can login in on a web browser and see your Sort Code& Account Number. But how do I see my card and pots ? << on here

Thank you

You can’t unfortunately.

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The link clearly states:

As Monzo and @Revels state, you cannot.


Bit off topic but the word “defrost” used in that context made me chuckle. I’ve seen it used a few times on this forum, but I thought it was tongue in cheek.

I’d always say “unfreeze” which I note Monzo do themselves in the second bullet point. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, well spotted.

Got to remain consistent :nerd_face:

I’m picky when it comes to things like that, but it forms part of my real life job and I can’t switch it off easily. :smiley: