How do I see how much I have in my account?

Strange to have to have to ask on a forum for a banking app I know.

My app has been updated to a new layout and now I don’t see my account balance (pots + non-pot amount) anywhere.

Where do I go to see how much I have in my account? Thanks.

  • Pull down to display the Spotlights section at the top, above the cards.
  • Swipe it across, the right-most tile allows you to edit them.
  • Show “Personal Balance”
  • Adjust the order to show it earlier in the list, if you wish.
  • tap on “Done”

Edit - there are some nice options in some of the spotlights, which tie into data in trends, for spending predictions, balance across only selected pots, etc. Have an explore.

What’s the difference between Personal balance and Total balance in spotlights?
For me, they give the same value.

Pots + balance

Balance is on your card at the top. Pots is just above the pots list

The Balance spotlight allows you to select which accounts and pots are included, including joint account balances/pots if you have a joint account.

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Ah ok. Personal balance isn’t affected by what you select in Trends, whilst Balance (Total balance) is.

Yep, exactly.

Ok I found his spotlight wasn’t turned on so I’ve switched them on and then turned on balance. Thanks for the tip.

In order to get a total account balance for my joint account I had to select not only the join account option but also all the individual pots we’ve created in the joint account. So a follow up question, whenever one of us creates a new pot do I need to remember to go back into the “balance spotlight” and add in the new pot to get an accurate total account balance?

Yes. I don’t believe that new pots are added by default.