How do I request for my account opening letter

I opened an account with monzo, but unfortunately, I couldn’t receive my account opening letter because it was returned due to the Coronavirus. I urgently need the account opening letter cos my employer requested for it. I don’t know who to contact, it’s it can just be sent to my email, I will be happy.

Hi @Bayu

Out of curiosity, what does your employer need a copy of the letter for?

(Must admit, I don’t recall receiving such a letter).


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To process my DBS

I’ve done that but no response from them

I didn’t need to provide that for DBS, do they not have other options you can use

They will reply give it time. At the moment they only help with urgent queries. They will reply to you tomorrow.

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Try phoning tomorrow.

Seems weird they’d ask for that though. I’ve gone through a Disclosure (Scottish one though) a few weeks ago and never got asked for that. Applied for a job before that with my Monzo account too and never had it either.

That seems to be the only option

The letter come right after u open an account, that is where ur first atm card it… I’ve called several time but could talk to any of their agents… I don’t know which number to call again

Tomorrow is Sunday?

Monzo’s phone number is 0800 802 1281

They’re available from 7am to 8pm every day for general customer service issues.

Do you mean you haven’t received your card yet either? You should be able to report this using the in-app chat and ask them to send another card/letter.

I have called several times, couldn’t talk to any agent

Yes , I haven’t but I’ve requested for another one, but it might not come with the account opening letter

I’ve called that number several times but couldn’t talk to any of their agents

Try again today

You don’t get an account opening letter or at least I didn’t when I opened one back in November, just got my card and that was that.

Have your work said why they need a letter from the bank for DBS all I needed was some utility bills and ID for them to photocopy to send off


Monzo aren’t big on letters. The fact that they send a card is normally enough of a sign that an account exists. I don’t recall ever receiving a letter from for any purpose!


Yep, no letters.

Monzo support should have replied by now, and I’m sure will be happy to provide a PDF. Otherwise could you try a statement (even a blank one) from the app? That should work as proof of account.

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