How do I find my international bank account number & branch identifier code

In order to get a Ryanair refund I need to give them my Monzo international bank account number & branch identifier code. They are also asking for a bank statement with it on. Any help appreciated.

Monzo do not provide an IBAN number.

You can create it yourself with a Google, but that obviously won’t be on a statement and I wouldn’t personally risk it.

And it is a risk in the case that your money may never arrive.

You either need another account like Starling who support this or (dare I say it) request a different method like a cheque :speak_no_evil:

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If you tap on your account, and then Manage, is it not visible under your account details and BIC?

Mine is :eyes: though it says for Euro payments which I guess Ryan Air is Europe based?

No :eyes:

Are you on Android?

Na, iOS. Premium user. It’s been there a while :man_shrugging:t3:

TestFlight latest version too.

Strange. iOS TestFlight on plus and I can’t see it

The BIC is there, but not the IBAN, you have to use a generator to get your IBAN.

I think you may be getting a bit confused there.

FWIW I’ve had a refund from Ryanair in the past, they asked for my Monzo IBAN and I sent it to them. In the end they actually sent the money via CHAPS - no idea why, but it seemed a little bizarre for an airline that likes to shave money off things wherever they can.


Maybe it’s a batch thing.

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Interesting, Maybe A/B testing? I’m a plus customer and I can’t see it

Staff perk?

No IBAN for me either. iOS. Plus.

No IBAN showing on mine

No IBAN details for me

That would be an awkward Dan style fail


“How did the first week go?”

“Errm, I showed the community an unreleased feature”



“The staff have started calling me ‘new Dan’. I think that means they like me”


I can see an IBAN for my linked Monzo account in Revolut. How is that generated?

Is Revolut the intermediary in that instance?

I don’t think it’s a staff perk as I’m certain it was there before my Monzonaut status was applied.

It’s the same Iban that is produced when you look online.

Edit: when compared to that given on the Wise website.

As for staff only stuff, you have to manually activate it and that’s not any of the options rest assured :joy:

What options have you ticked so far?